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Posted by whit

Hello all!

I am so happy to connect with you-its been SEAU long!

I am a little rusty on the blog, but I am going to get it rolling again, not every Sunday, but every now and then!

I have seen some of you, texted many, face timed with others, emailed back and forth with lots and got to sweat outdoors and indoors often with a bunch of you; but... I truly miss ALL of you and the essence you would bring to The Distillery and my everyday life! I am so pleased with all of the options everyone has found- all of the new things that work and all of the forward momentum. IT IS SO IMPORTANT to keep moving. I too, have incorporated new things in my world and new solutions and as The Beau Collective opens its doors M-F in limited capacity, I am working less to grow it... and more to have it remain safe. steady. simple and significant for those that want/need it. Everyone that has been along for the ride is important to me and I am grateful for you and am rooting for you!

The seasons are SHIFTING and if you're reading this, there hasn't been a tough day you haven't made it through yet! We keep going. All of us in all of our ways... I am seriously SEAU proud of everyone.

Its clear now that we return to nowhere, no known way... rather we whip up a new frontier. We exfoliate a former version of the life that we are living and move in that direction.

It's all we can do.

Accept. Hope... and build better boats, stay steady, ride the waves and trust.the.process.

If this hasn't been easy for you, you are not alone.

I struggled often over the summer and have had many moments where I knew I was off and I was sometimes able to vocalize it, sometimes not. I would sometimes feel comfort in the simplicity and chaos and sometimes I did not. I'd keep learning that courage takes vulnerability and vulnerability takes courage.

We took it easy this summer and we laid low, we road tripped and we were outside nonstop... but I spent much of it touching on the 7 stages of grief and I am sure I am not alone. (stories on each stage for another time!)


  • Shock and denial...
  • Pain and guilt...
  • Anger and bargaining... 
  • Depression... 
  • The upward turn... 
  • Reconstruction and working through... 
  • Acceptance and hope...

It's amazing to see the list and the progress and how it can apply to major and minor events in life. I am blessed that everyone is healthy and happy in my life, but I have been aware that even pandemic aside, life is still full of hazards that we all still must navigate. I have gained a lot of clarity and taken in and given up a few things in the process. Right alongside all of you.

As I worked with the county and re-grouped and talked with teammates, nothing was like it used to be.

I was limited to only forward thinking and re-invention and I started to enjoy that part. I know that everyone has other amazing options, but there is still something special about people amongst people, even in the smallest capacity. I was motivated by this daily, I was encouraged nonstop by the sense of revival and supportive people, and I granted myself permission to work towards a new way AND..for once, be okay if I couldn't make it all work out. This last year has taught me to never give up BUT to also know how to surrender and trust that everything is unfolding as it should.

Resilience & Surrender make a really cute couple.

I was showing up, not to re-build the business, but to participate and to build back up the most basic of human needs- connection.

OCTOBER marks a return to a M-F schedule at the Distillery, but we won't go back to the old ways and pressures. I am filled with joy and hope that thanks to ShopUtah, I will be able to offer 50% off registration for the month and most likely for November too.

Would you believe that this week we skipped birthday burpees and instead laid on mats, lights out to take 43 breaths together. Just stillness in the dark...listening to a good friend read a favorite quote with good music playing. It was a powerful moment for me....Welcome forward.


-Classes are capped at half capacity

-the workouts lend themselves to different challenges

-the sanitizing measures are in place everyday

-registration is month to month

-the social room still bustles but with distance, the shop will return to the shelves, but in simple ways.



-The greetings are still big

-The music is still loud

-People still work so hard happily

-There are glitches every now and then

-The chatter and laughter is still everywhere

-The connection and enthusiasm and empathy is still very real and thats the stuff that travels with me the most as I welcome moving forward.

Thank you for your support on this joyride, not as part of The Beau Collective, but as my friend. If its been challenging for you, full of pause, grief and uncertainty for you, full of gratitude, inspiration, shift, love and refined focus for you- you are not alone.

I am right there with you.

I turned 43 this weekend and I spent it in AZ with my parents

-I said goodbye to 42 with friends all week in the beautiful fall (I know the temps change)

-I flew out of the new SLC Airport (its INCREDIBLE)

-I arrived to their new house (not the one we spent the last 30 years in)

I am returning to nothing as I knew it and I am embracing it, playing with it, loving it.

Welcome Forward.