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    "The Beau Collective gathers so many things... challenging fitness, fun social spots, great local businesses, motivational forces, family, life's whatnot... & then blends them all together for a group of willing badasses for 3 months at a time..."

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    SESSION 11


    September 4th-November 24, 2017


    217 Teammates

    Session 10

    March 5th - May 25th, 2017

    182 teammates



    December 6th- February 23rd, 2017

    164 Teammates



    September 5th- November 23, 2016

    158 Teammates


    June 5th-September 2nd, 2016

    145 Teammates


    March 7th to May 27th, 2016

    162 teammates


    December 7th- February 26th

    135 teammates



    September 7th- November 27th


    108 Teammates



    June 9th- September 4th


    59 Teammates




    March 9th- May 22nd, 2015


    39 teammates



    december 2nd to february 19th, 2015

    24 teammates



    fitness purveyor. mom to three. concierge. happy hour enthusiast.


    Friends from home still crack up that I am in the fitness industry; I mean, I was always athletic, but I was the one who rallied friends to the bar for drink specials and creatively got mix tapes to play on repeat at late night parties.


    In college, I played beach volleyball and I ran... a little...but typically over to Hacienda's, which was a great spot for margaritas just outside of

    Loyola Marymount University.

    Someone there talked me into running the LA Marathon. I ran another one in Europe. My husband got me into triathlons and before I knew it, fitness was a cornerstone to my life.


    I stumbled upon group workouts after having a baby, when I most needed to find a way to grab a social outlet, circle my emotional wagons and get my endorphins and body back.


    So it began, training... motivating myself and others, soreness, seeing results, signing up for races, getting people to go for runs early in the AM, and ultimately realizing that I felt so blah on days that exercise didn't happen. I met really inspiring people by being into this kind of stuff and I realized, they made me better. I challenged myself more and more and the best part was, these people felt the same way about me. We were each other's goal tenders-we needed each other.


    I began teaching my own classes, reading, studying, understanding the process of effective exercise. I love it. It's now a passion of mine. Social cohesiveness is one step to fitness accountability and it is one of my favorites. We elevate our efforts, dig deeper and request more of ourselves when we are part of something...and we return day after day when its unique, fun, and results surface.


    I also started working as a concierge in a boutique hotel and got to know all shades of Park City and I made connections and relationships that I continue to pass along to my participants to this day. I fiercely believe that there is strength in numbers ....and that those numbers, often times, like to get drinks together after a workout. Everybody wins.


    Strength in numbers is a BEAUtiful thing
    and the COLLECTIVE is named after one of the most beautiful little things I know, our youngest daughter, Beau.


    The Beau Collective gathers my love of so many things... challenging fitness, fun social spots, great local businesses, motivational forces, family, life's whatnot... & each Session blends them all together for a group of willing badasses for 3 months at a time.






    fitness force. mom to two. athlete. inspired tailgater.


    Lindsay loves being active, loves the outdoors and loves people. She joined the BeauCo as a flagship BeauCoach and is an irreplaceable addition to the pursuit. She has jammed in 3 different locations and happily greets the sunrise every.single.day. Whit & Lindsay were good, active friends before they were next door neighbors; now they are both and both are hilarious and so fun.


    As a collegiate athlete, Linds loved the bonds that came from sweating and competing with friends… winning together, losing together and all the laughs along the way. After graduating from the University of Arizona, Lindsay went on to teach elementary school and teaching became a passion, not a job. She also coached youth softball and saw the motivation that was stirred up when people work towards a common goal. Two adorable kids later, and a few years of taking care of them full time; Lindsay went looking for a new way to fuel that competitive spirt. She tried to run races, but quickly realized that what she missed was the people, not the competing. This lead her to group fitness as it offered the “team” mentality that she had missed. A few classes in and she was hooked. She quickly realized that she could combine her passion for teaching and coaching with her love of group fitness and boom…she was an instructor. Lindsay recently completed her ACE certification and can be found at the Barn running the early bird, mid morning and SAT 7 sessions. And by running, we mean lots of tough intervals, lots of spirited competition and lots of hearty rise & shine drills.


    In July of 2017, The BeauCo won Best Fitness Class for the second year in a row and Lindsay and Whitney were honored by the Park City Chamber of Commerce and were able to gush and storytell about the Barn for all locals and visitors to see via a 3 min viral video. The Beau Collective was selected to be featured in their "Our Town" series and the media team spent time at the Barn interviewing, recording footage and trying to harness what it is that makes all of this pursuit so special.


    In all, we figure Lindsay has taught over 2,000 classes, donated hours of time to local non profits, created and executed programming for kids, teens and the 60+ older folk. With her fun spirited heart, hospitality and endless hustle she literally has made fitness and motivation an equal opportunity endeavor.


    And that's not all... as growth continues at the Barn, Lindsay focuses on the grinds AND the goods; most recently as the driving force behind the Beautique, the retail component of the BeauCo. As business partners, Whit and Lindsay can be found on the same wavelength pretty much all the time- which ensures a well thought out plan for workouts AND shopportunities. They are gaining momentum and traction in the Park City retail world and are convinced that as with fitness, if you can make it fun, convenient, value based, compelling & deliver an experience every time....the best can keep getting better!


    dance maven. texan. mom mom mom. faithful motivator.


    Power Hour crowd force by morning and T/Th evening barnside captain by night...Christa took the helm of our increasingly popular apres work sweat party and........

     Happy Hour just. got. happier folks.


    Christa has always been active, a competitive dancer growing up and even more focused at Texas A&M University. She is now a Texan who lives in the mountains of Utah, and she wouldnʼt want it any other way...”yʼall.” Although she misses the people, the Astros, and the Mexican food, she definitely prefers the mountain lifestyle and pace of Park City to the humidity and mosquitos of Houston.


    Christaʼs husband, Rob, brought her to the mountains of Utah and their Young Life ministry and an amazing community have kept them here. Together they have four active kids who keep life fun and full - and loud! Running was kind of her thing and however, achy knees and her desire for something more social kept her looking for a new jam.


    While growing her family, Christa fell in love with the motivation and collaboration that group fitness brought - not to mention the accountability. She saw what these kind of classes did for her both physically and emotionally; and she longed to see her other mom friends have the same experience. She knows that getting out the door with little ones is a challenge, but to JUST get to class and sweat... itʼs a total win! She has several certifications and longs to continue to learn and grow as an instructor.


    So with Whit, Lindsay and Christa...the band is now back together Barnside and making fitness fun, teaching with empathy and empowering individuals to be a part of something bigger now deliberately moves from sunrise into the chilly evenings.

    What started as a challenge and active outlet, is now a passion for Christa. Teaching, motivating, encouraging - itʼs a constant theme in her journey and itʼs what keeps Christa giddy the night before every class. She has a heart for men and women to be fully whole - to move in joy and confidence.

    Hands and classes up-CHEERS to that!!


    Retail Therapy & Collective Goods for All



    Yesterday was my last Power Hour class- something I have taught, loved and needed for the last 6 years every MWF. Our last class together gathered 137 people...these people that I so adore and admire... I had them hold a plank at the end of class while I gave the speech below. I've been an...
    June 25, 2015
    Team. Teammates. Team spirit.  We continue to learn the value & the fun of those hard to come by meanings. These days we're totally out of our team prime- I mean, aside from summer softball and dodgeball leagues- there are limitations to what teams we can join, as we are in the thick of...
    March 14, 2015
    Invest your efforts...kick in your energy... and then assess your returns. The "sweat equity" of this new session has been amazing to watch. 39 teammates, twice a week, investing in Sesh 2.0, creating their own value and that of the entire group. We all decided that this session is a new "deal"...
    February 24, 2015
    I should be getting ready to go teach a sunrise sesh this AM... but we have the week off from BC... Session 2 starts next week! Part of me is happy to sleep in and paint and cook waffles early in the AM with my kids before school and part of me is already missing these peeps. Here's what I've...
    January 17, 2015
    Go "the extra mile"...#theextramile...#tem It's been a fun motto this past week and it really doesn't have much to do with running. Yes, the Beau Collective is fitness focused at the core... Intense workouts require "extra" of us, we push each other, we challenge each other, we keep each other...
    December 21, 2014
    21 days. That's what it takes to break or create a habit in our lives. It is proven. And it is hard for the first week...and to give it a real go, you need to speak about it, invite accountability in, share the load with others; but once you reach the 3 week mark, you're golden... its a ...
    November 23, 2014
    So my husband cleaned out the freezer yesterday. cleaned. it. out. It took him 10 minutes, but it literally changed our week. He was so pumped that he could do so much in such little time. Something that we gripe about all the time, was fixed, gone, borderline beautiful after just 10 minutes...
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