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posted by whit

NEW month...NEW visions... SAME ol' pandemic life.

N E W V E M B E R IN THE SHOP: The Shop is now online!

( and there are new finds on the shelves. Over the summer, the county had us pack up all items and I sold the trailer & consolidated product to storage. Now there is no more back of house, its all right there... fresh, limited and fun to ship anywhere you need. Everything ships out with flair and love from the Social Room. #SHIPHAPPENS...I applied for grants and realigned partnerships and relationships and simplified buying strategies. What you'll see now at The Beau Collective is a lot less product, but its ever-changing. Local purveyors will be showcased monthly and I have a special spot for fellow small business owners out there that are riding these waves too- there's a wonderful alliance I've experienced. 🙏


  • SATURDAYS! Rachel will be leading group runs at 8AM every weekend with various routes from some of our favorite #LOCAL spots. Sign up to join for info updates etc (November is complimentary!) YES it will be cold and YES you will see that once you get going, its pretty awesome!
  • CLASSES start again at sunrise! 
  • HAPPY HOUR CLASS! We have Tuesday nights at 5:30pm set to give it a try. Reach out for more info if you are good to geau. Smaller, but the same ol' sweaty and social inspiration.
  • KIDS PROGRAMS! Starting when the snow flies in a few weeks- we're trying to put afternoon small team spirit back in action.

As another month starts fresh, the weather is changing, things are going to start to feel different.

I had an interesting Friday weeks ago and got into a book called "Burnout" and how it happens.

What is starting to rise in priority is no longer just self care- its all of us caring for each other.

Not big grand gestures, just small awareness and check ins. Never underestimate this.

"The cure for burnout is all of us caring for each other. We don't do lean in, we don't do lean down.. we do lean ON...lean WITH... pick each other up."

Its important to be make sure we surround ourselves with people that value our well being as highly as we do. The success of surviving this new season will absolutely be a collective effort, and the stressors may not stop, but how we handle them is now more crucial than its ever been. Stress lives in cycles- what we feel resides IN us until we finish the cycle and get it out.


1. Physical Activity

2. Deep breathing

3. Positive Social Interactions

4. Laughter

5. Affection

6. A good cry

7. Creative expression

Your body tells you when you've completed the cycle and when you take these actions and step towards completion, the goal is "to recognize that you feel incrementally better than you felt before you started, you can notice that something in your body has changed and shifted in the direction of peace."

The more we do it, the better we get at it- motion creates emotion- its a little like alchemy.

"To be well, is not to live in a perpetual state of safety and calm, but to move fluidly from a state of adversity, risk, adventure or excitement back to safety and calm and out again. Stress is not bad for us, being stuck is bad for us. Wellness is not a state of being, it is a state of action"

Incremental progress is massive progress. ⚡️ And progress is one of the secrets of life.

As always, if you need me- I am easy to find at the Distillery OR via email OR my cell is 435-729-9245.

Thank you always for the support and for all the things that feel just like high fives.

KEEP GOING in all the NEW ways⚡️💕