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22 Sessions… 5 ½ years…4 locations…ENDLESS memories!! I have been part of 21 of the Beau Collective sessions. I have dedicated over 5 years of my life to a fitness community that in the end has given me so much more than I ever expected. This ride has been one of my very favorite experiences, through the good AND hard times! This collective has given me friends and a community!!

My favorite moments and memories are probably in the thousands. I can still picture the 12 faces of my first class at Hotel Park City and can tell you every person in that group. Most of them are still part of the collective today! Working out at the Temple and the first days at the barn were hilarious and fun. It was then that we realized people don’t really care WHERE they are, they care about WHO they are with! Ordinary days for five years have brought extraordinary moments into my life. It has been my true joy watching people become stronger, connect, work through the hard stuff and celebrate the good stuff. This town is full of the biggest hearts and a real BEAUnus for us has been the ability to be a YES to all the nonprofits that make this town special. Then there have been all my moments with Whit- - The daily planning and just making stuff up to try. ALL the random places that being a pretty certain yes has taken us. Winning the first Park City’s Best. The retreats. Every last Saturday and special event. The best day ever. The list goes on and on! It has been a partnership with highs and lows but with two people that are so dedicated to always trying and having a passion for making people’s lives better! It has been SO FUN and at times SO HARD- BUT I have never been prouder of anything in my life and have loved doing this with Whit!!

There comes a point when we all realize that all good things must come to an end. For me that time has come with The Beau Collective. I leave this community with the BEST captain of the ship in Whit and a team that will swoop in and fill my classes with true passion, enthusiasm and sweaty workouts. I can’t wait to watch this place and all the people that make it special. I will be in the stands cheering you all on as the ultimate fan!!

I wish my last week was at the distillery, but I look forward to five final zoom classes. I hope to see you all in the squares this week! Thank you all for being part of one of my very favorite adventures in my life. I truly love you all and consider you framily forever!!