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"I like to just tell people we're having a good time-ya know... I don't like to ask...

I don't wanna risk it"

- DUSTY SLAY comedian

Last week we got to see a stand up comedian with friends and throughout his bit, he would just pause, put one of his hands up and tell the audience.... "we're having a good time".... he didn't say it like a question- as others are known to do, he simply stated it as fact and then everyone would just kinda nod in agreement. I loved it, it was such a fun spin and a reminder that sometimes we just need affirmation of WHAT is happening around us.

I've been putting that into action throughout this bustling season, the fleeting hours, the gear gathering, the visitors, the hustle and hang time. I'd do allllll the things, watch my friends do alllllll the things and my husband do allll the things... and I'd just keep putting up my hand and say... "we're having a good time" and it felt like all was kept on the rails. Stan would look at me across the kitchen when it was the height of the holiday hustle, kids out of school, my parents visiting for the 1st of 2 Christmases we were hosting, (Cooper's 12th birthday squeezed in) and we'd watch everyone leave everything everywhere and instead of losing our minds, we'd just say those words....laugh... and leave the messy house.

We're having a good time.

Aren't we though? We live in one of the most spectacular places on the planet. We know this...our life is other's vacation on the daily and it feels like a lottery winning life as some would say.

However, even with this majestic backdrop... life can get a little sideways, off-track, slippery and perplexing at times. We've figured out some it ... but not all of it. But that's why we keep playing the game and are out to discover on this joyride. I'm reminded often -we're not here for a long time, we're just here for a good time.

Today is the last blog of the year and as we all know, of the decade.

It feels a little like a gift because I've seized the opportunity this weekend to really look back at 10 years and encourage you to do the same! Don't just find the time, make the time to do this... mentally flip through the highs, lows, travel, people, music, moments from 2010 to now and talk about it/write that stuff down.

I took a look back at TEN YEARS and staying true to our love of TEN of anything (reps, high knees, seconds, stations) I've jotted down a few top TENS.

We're having a good time.

TEN SONGS that made an impact on me this decade (do the same!).

Music is like a language in my life, I love it , I use it, I depend on it daily.

I looked at my phone, my song count (ALL SORTS OF SONGS) is at 2,892 (videos 4,444 & photos 17,062)

Clearly, there are just SEAU many songs in the last 10 years that make up the soundtrack to my life, but I will put the first TEN I think of and the first thing that comes to mind with each:

1. Carry/Ryan Montbleau Band ... faith in a risky move to Park City 2010

2. Feel So Close/ Calvin Harris... Power Hour 2011

3. Sunjack/Happyman... our Color Run life from 2012-14

4. On Top of The World World/Imagine Dragons...CooperWynn/Newpark Miles/Hotel Half 2012

5. I Will Wait/Mumford & Sons... my Dad's cancer diagnosis in 2012 (he's doing great!)

6. Wake Me Up/Avicii... starting The Beau Collective 2014

7. Headlights/ Robin Schultz... anytime I travel & tropical house emerging 2015-2019

8. Glorious/Macklemore ... The Barn xoxo 2015-2019

9. Read My Mind/The Killers... serendipity in 2019

10. Life is Better With You/ Michael many loved ones turning 40 2015-2019

TEN THINGS THAT I HAVE LEARNED ABOUT MYSELF (there are many more) this decade.

I've moved cities, had three babies, kickstarted two companies, traveled a bunch, loved a lot and turned 40.... Here are just a few:

1. We get what we give. As people, parents, friends, teammates etc.

2. Family can mean so many different things & include so many people.

3. Community, relationships & connection are the key to life.

People need people, I've seen the power of this for years.

4. I trust my gut and I rely on the universe for a lot of things. Courage is like a muscle- we gotta use it.

5. Going for drives is one of my most favorite things to do.

6. I am not as organized as I probably should be. :)

7. I love writing letters & getting them.

People's way with words and handwriting intrigues me- let's not let it be a dying art. #writeitdown

8. Music is everything. It stimulates and celebrates life, moments become memories in an even better way.

9. I thrive around people that push me, that raise my game, that make me better.

10. My favorite view in Park City is all of them.

Those are just 10, I have lots more. The learning continues and I love who I share life's classroom with- we are all students surrounded by people & experiences that leave an impact on us.

REFLECTION is a powerful tool that we ALL have- let's use it and look at all we pumped through the past few years.

The new decade is on arrival. It can mean a lot, or very little...check the pulse of what it means to you.

We've navigated 2019 together as a Collective and I am SEAU very proud and grateful for all the moments that have gone on to become some of my favorite memories. THANK YOU!

Life will continue to do its thing, to wow us, shock & surprise us, to teach us. Some days will feel breezy and some will feel messy and that's ok. Its a given.

You wouldn't typically put a collective of amazing Parkites, a whiskey distillery and a desire to up level our fitness, life & happy hour together.

But, HERE we are always rooting for each other....

 and without question;

We're having a good time.

Happy 2020 BeauCo.

Thank you,

I love you.