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The '20s

Posted by Lindsay

We are at the beginning of a new year and a new decade….which is hugely exciting! I am a definite fan of endings and beginnings. I love that we do it every 12 weeks at The Beau Collective! Starting something new is a great opportunity to recommit, focus and set goals for the new adventure ahead. I have had the best time the past month looking back at the last decade and focusing on how I am going to make the next ten years even better. What lessons can I take from past experiences? What do I hope continues and what do I hope changes? I have been left with three focus points for this decade:


Those that know me may not realize that I am an introverted extrovert. I love people, talking and all the social connections that I get to have every day. I can lead a class and talk with anyone, but I am also a very private person and nothing makes me more uncomfortable than being the center of attention (I know…. seems weird I am a fitness instructor). I often find myself skipping fun opportunities to hang at home. As I enter into this next decade, I realize one thing I am truly craving is deeper connection. I crave saying yes to things and people I want to be around and no to things I do out of pure obligation. People and connections are where TRUE JOY is found! This may mean I don’t meal prep as well or keep the house as tidy…. but I feel very confident those will not be the things I am looking back on and smiling in 2030!


I know that I am not alone in the fact that I often look around my house and think “where did all this crap come from!” There is stuff EVERYWHERE!! I have no plans to get rid of everything, but I want to be more aware of the way I am spending my money and my time. This includes everything; things I am buying, drinks I am drinking, food I am eating and how I am spending my days! If I am going to purchase a new piece of clothing, I want it to be something I am excited to put on my body. I will pick an Aviator Nation sweatshirt over anything else in my closet 100% of the time. This may mean I am buying less but loving what I have more! The same can be said for going out to dinner or going on a trip. QUALITY over QUANTITY!


My husband and kids like to live life to the fullest. The activities that make them the happiest usually have me screaming “BE CAREFUL” on the inside. They are adventurers, thrill seekers and lovers of life. When we are out in nature, I know that it is where we are all the happiest and most connected. For me, being outside is enough, the other three love to push it a little more. They want to ski in the trees or huck themselves off of jumps, mountain bike downhill at speeds I find a little quick or dirt bike the trails. Every part of me wants to stop them and plant them on the couch with a bowl of popcorn in front of a movie, BUT I don’t!! I cheer them on, ski next to them (maybe far behind) and hope for the best. Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed!! This looks differently for everyone, but for the true thrill seekers this means going out and living slightly on the edge. I want us all to have a life that we are lucky enough to love! It would be so easy to let my mind wonder to all the things that could go wrong…but instead I am going to choose to focus on WHAT’S THE BEST THAT COULD HAPPEN?

As you enter into the ‘20s, I hope you find ways to make this decade even better than the last. This may mean big changes, or just a few small tweaks. Whatever it may look like- I hope your life is filled with connection, sweatshirts you love and experiences that make you feel alive!