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This week in Park City was Spring Break. After the crazy, but great, winter we have had this town was ready for some sunshine and the barn saw the signs. Classes have been small, but our Instagram feeds have been full of smiling faces enjoying sunshine from Moab to Mexico to Hawaii!!

The few of us that stayed enjoyed four days of cold weather and SNOW….lots and lots of SNOW!!! I had several days with my kids where I got to enjoy them ALL day! It took me back to a time where that was my total jam Monday-Sunday! The memories of what a GRIND those days used to be fill me with a slight feeling of nostalgia and a huge feeling of wonder about how I survived! But then I look at my days now and realize, I still grind. The grind has changed, but it is still nonstop Monday- Sunday… and that is just life!

Life is an absolute grind filled with big and small moments that make you happy, make you smile, take you out of the grind and make you feel like you are living. The true challenge is being present enough in your life that you see the moments and take them. I love Dierks Bentley’s song "Living". He sings that some days you’re just breathing and some days you are LIVING... so true!!

I met with Michelle Dufford of CREATE POSSIBILITY last week. We talked about the small things that make us happy. Naming the big things that bring joy are NEAU problem… a good workout, vacation, time with people I love. Recognizing the little things can be harder. Michelle said that if she is on the shady side of the street, it makes her happy to cross the street and walk in the sun. So simple yet the happiness is real. This conversation inspired me to focus in and give little acknowledgements in my mind when things make me happy. I love coffee first thing in the morning, my kids’ hair and face right after they wake up, the feeling of sun on my skin, loud music in the barn, a funny text, a mid workout high five, Chris’ smirk and soo many other tiny moments. They usually pass in a flash, but I have been soaking them in. The truth is that the big moments don’t make daily life happy, it is all the little moments that create a great day!

This week take a little time to enjoy the little things. I think you’ll be surprised how many there are in your daily grind.