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Happy Spring Break! The blog is moving at vacation pace today.

Many of you are away from Park City, but we are still here and the Barn will be wide open.

Would you believe that I gave up drinking last week? WHAAAT - I know...There's really not much I love to do more than to toast the Park City daytime with drinks of all kinds...but, my body has been off a little and not feeling great, so this was a whipped up semi-solution to see if it helps.

As Brene Brown notes; "The body keeps score ...and it always wins"

Very rarely can all the "stuff" we have in our minds and hearts stay there- the body takes them on.

I am currently dealing with a teeny tiny hernia, but it seemed that more might be dealing with me & I kept having difficulty breathing & my shoulders were so randomly sore. I could run and stay active and it would help, but I researched and made appointments to get this all resolved.

Loud and clear, I was getting the message to deal with my body and I kept everything super technical. And that all felt "heavy" in attempt to fix it- so many reseach-y type things, but I was diligent and determined and had my list of what I was not to do, drink or eat.

All the way up to Friday afternoon.

A good friend randomly walked into my kitchen with a bottle of Casamigos Tequila and two Pizzas and said "Hey its Friday, I am making us special margaritas".

Casamigos & Pizza. My faves.

I didn't have the heart to tell her my technical plan to heal and that I wasn't drinking till my appointment. I just drank the beautiful drinks because she was so excited. It made me laugh out loud. She had zero knowledge of any ailment, any get better strategy, she was just coming over to say hi and catch up. We didn't really have plans, it just worked out that way and I am so glad it did. She showed me a story and we talked about it for a long time and I felt lighter, I breathed way easier.

Casamigos & pizza.

I know no doctor or article that would recommend this to help heal the body. Zero. But I gave in and skipped my plan because it just felt right and maybe watching a friend do something so perfectly unexpected and storytell exactly what my mind needed to dive into made everything feel better.

We know some of you arrive to the Barn with heavy stuff and let your body get to work so that the mind & soul can have some relief. Its a great give & take...we can use our mind and hearts to push our bodies & sometimes we push our bodies to better clear our minds.

Life is a beautiful balance of courage, love, discipline and hustle. Its a fun disruption to not take it all so seriously sometimes & how we can best manage all the things is by taking a break from managing all the things. To depart from focus so we can come back better prepared to re-focus on it all.

So cheers to those that lighten the load even when they don't know they are doing it. Here's to taking care of ourselves and each other.

Keep in mind, in the moments that you feel like you need super structure and discipline and absolute answers to get it right and feel better, I'm here to testify, as one of your trusted fitness authorities...

you might just need some Casamigos and pizza.