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Seau many birthdays were celebrated this week at the barn. I did a rough estimate that I personally did around 150 burpees this week! In the Brown house we celebrated my birthday, my mom’s and my oldest son Tommy, turned 12 all this week. We had balloons, cake, steak, more cake, massages, champagne and even more burpees. All these birthdays taught me 2 things this week.

#1 One of my parents’ good friends passed away last week from a long battle with ALS. The funeral held space for 800 people to cry, laugh and share stories of how wonderful Pat was, how he so strongly impacted their lives. While this is beautiful, and believe Pat did hear all those words somehow, somewhere… Why do we wait until we lose someone to share with them how much we love them, swap stories or thank them for what they have done or taught us along the way? Why don’t we use birthdays - the day that a person entered this earth - to shower people with love, tell them why you love them, what they mean to you, maybe even what they have taught you? How would that change how we live our lives, how we celebrate another trip around the sun?

#2 A question I asked myself this week is “how old would I be if I didn’t know how old I actually am?” I am in my 40th year of life, 39 years young and I honestly think I would stay this age forever. I feel the strongest I have ever been, my boys are at such amazing ages, I love my life with Peter, I’m obsessed with my dog, and I have the best friends and family any girl could ask for - oh and I LOVE this town so much. I don’t own a scale and I don’t give too much headspace to turning another year older, I guess I don’t like to measure things in my life. I just want to feel good, feel all the feels - pull my head up and look around to see how wonderful my 39 years on this earth has been. So, what I learned is that age REALLY doesn’t matter, it’s how you feel and how you live your life that counts the most. As long as I can do my age in burpees with some past cheerleader life-flair, I know I’m winning!

Seau, when the next birthday shows up in your life, take that person on a birthdate and love them up. When your next birthday shows up, check in and see how you FEEL not just the number you are.

Happy Everything!