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Smile- the day is here.

Today we'll fill the Barn with us moms that are all brunch & family bound after... but we'll be together for just a bit today in what feels like a little home away from home, with friends that feel like family and with a workout that feels awesome and with drinks that feel ice cold.

We've made Mother's Week a thing for years- (they try to give us a day and we go ahead and take the whole week). The fun focus, flowers & the love is because it is the hardest and loveliest job out there and we get to watch so many strong women make it look totally doable everyday of the year. There is strength in numbers and thankfully we are all on this motherhood journey together- so its a wonderful thing to toast our jobs together.  It was also pointed out to me too that we wouldn't be moms if it wasn't for the incredible men in our lives :), so here's to them too!


May we be them

May we raise them

May we sweat next to them

May we chat in the Social Room by them

May we high five & hug them

May we get confused in class with them

May we roll mats out next to them

May we shop at sunrise among them

May we stand in line, or walk in late behind them

May we run outta the gates alongside them

May we root across the Barn for them

May we think about the SAT 7AM class and text them

May we sit on the couch and drink beside them

May we run errands still in our workout gear and bump into them

May we sprint & burpee in-between them

May observe the goodness within them

May our days be brighter because of them...

I've seen displays of strength all over the Barn this past year. I have seen people physically change, or confidence emerge or people just getting gutsy with their hearts and passions. I have seen challenge times crushed, I have watched snowshoe sprint rallies, people stepping up to get certifications and change jobs that align more with their interests. I realized that we are strong enough to move the Woodies WHEREVER we want them and we have helped clear avalanches of snow on repeat. I've seen people show up totally preoccupied but crush it- I've seen our crew mobilize our power for good in this community and I have rung the bell for big moments for people or their kids. I've watched burpee or team challenges go down in awe. I've seen connections being made and new friendships forming. I have stood with women in the moments they have lost loved ones and I have sat in multiple places in the Social Room with some of my very best friends sorting through life's major stuff. I've watched new brands believe in us and watched teammates donate big time to charity around the holidays. I've seen people make risk look beautiful & fun and display ways to make courage ever compelling.

My mom is in Arizona today and my mother in law will be Barnside when the cocktails are poured. I celebrate what they have shown me when it comes to strength. They are resilient in every sense. My mom always gets a kick out of what I do and how I mom my own 3 kids- she blazed a wonderful trail and taught me that creativity, caring and courage are a fun trifecta.

And my friends' moms out there that I have connected with over the years have delivered such perspective as I have forever been curious about what it takes to make the most out of this life-I am learning more and more that its about surrounding yourself with all kinds of strength.

My daughters are on my mind and by my side this morning. My 5 year old just brought me a handmade pot with a 4 leaf clover. She gets me-its a lucky life for sure.

Motherhood- its an incredible, challenging, magical & intense job that none of us have to do... we get to.

Strong women out there we see you- thank you. Let's celebrate and love on them all today and everyday.