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Things I Never Thought I Would Hear Myself Say

posted by christa

I have always wanted to write a book. I have three chapters written about my grandparents and their WWII love story. I started writing it 12 years ago. So if I average around three chapters a decade, I should finish in about 60 years.

It looks like any type of publication is highly unlikely.

I think I might just stick with journaling or blogging. But if I do ever take the time to write a book, I’ll make it short and sweet – a book of vignettes titled, Things I Never Thought I Would Hear Myself Say.

Sometimes we say and do things that we never thought we would say or do. Ever.

Just this week at The Barn, the sign posted near the Woodies said 75-100 calories. As Whitney was explaining the set, I heard someone utter “I could never run 100 calories.” I immediately had the thought that I couldn’t do it either. But I got there, and with the motivation and encouragement from the rest of my group, I pushed myself and ran 120 calories. I did something I didn’t think I could do.

This happens ALL. THE. TIME. at the Barn.

And then further content of my book will come straight from my life parenting four kids and uttering words, instruction, advice and discipline that I literally NEVER thought would come out of my mouth. My oldest child is 11, so for 11 years, I have been saying things that I never, ever thought I would hear myself say. Things like:

We don’t eat poop.

Please don’t shoot your baby sister with a Nerf gun.

You have to eat the rest of that pizza before you can have dessert.

We don’t put light sabers in our penis. (I wish this wasn’t true.)

It’s 9pm and I’m still in my workout clothes from this morning.

Go play in the street.

If you feel like you’re going to puke, aim for the floor and not the bed.

When was the last time you brushed your teeth?

How many Burpees equals a glass of wine?

Which one of you peed in the trash can?

I just vacuumed up some Legos and I don’t even care.

Before you call CPS, just know that our kids are happy and healthy (most of the time) and we love them very much. We are doing our best over here and, although one of them did indeed eat poop, he or she is a fully functioning, somewhat normal human being.

Sometimes we say and do things that we never thought we would say or do. Ever.

I’m guessing most of you can relate. Just the fact that some of you are working out is the thing you never thought you would do. Some of you are stronger than you ever thought possible. Some of you are running and you hated running. Some of you are using that medicine ball you always thought was too heavy.

I could never______________ (fill in the blank).

But you’re doing it.

We’re all doing things we never thought we would - or could - do.

Keep it up you guys! Run those 100 calories. Squat with those bigger weights. Sign up for that marathon. Take that class. Go on that trip. Start that business. Write that book. Do that thing.

Because you can.

Just don’t eat that poop. (I mean, you can, if that’s your thing.)

But don’t.