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new year, same you.

posted by lindsay

Happy New Year…Ready or not, 2019 is HERE!!

Kelley Epstien, AKA Mountain Mama Cooks, did a post on the 'gram this week about the reset and detox craze that happens around the new year. She talked about how people jump into new fads and trends when really taking time to find a lifestyle that fits your body is always best. She ended with “NEW YEAR SAME YOU”. I loved the post and felt it was right on!

January 1st is a time that a lot of people set goal after goal - resolution after resolution. For some people it is just a great time to tackle goals that they have had in mind for a while. They truly desire to get their life in line and feel that January 1st is the best time to get started! For those of you that are pumped about these changes.. way to GEAU!! Please share with us what you are up to and we would love to support you any way we can.

There is a bigger group that I see hit the new year and begin to feel that the previous year’s version of themselves is suddenly inadequate. They feel they need to eat better, workout more, be a better friend, spouse, parent, be more financially responsible and the list goes on and on! Diets are started, budgets are set and gym goals are made. These changes don’t happen by a true desire to change, but an obligation that because it is a new year, changes NEED to be made… I say forget that!

Goals should be set and changes should start when they feel right… change can happen any day of the week AND any day of the year! You can start something new on a random Tuesday in February! Goals and changes have to be genuine and specific for you, your body, your mind, your life and your family! Stay away from all the fads and focus on what is best for YOU!! The main thing that I would LOVE to see us all do a little more is be kind to ourselves, be proud of all the things we crush daily and just live our best lives!

In 2019 I say…

Make some small changes - make some big changes - make no changes at all - do It on the January 1st-do it on May 3rd - Just do what feels right and genuine for you!