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ask for what you need

posted by whit

Someone recently asked for more core at the Barn and I remember thinking- absolutely!

People often have song requests, drills they love and team challenges they always ask for.

Parents ask for teen programming & schools ask for kid's fitness and fundraiser donation items.

We've had people ask for a FAN at the Barn for we just rolled out the ECHO bikes this month...Check!

Park City asked for Happy Hour every night of the week and Yoga sometimes.

All fantastic ideas and we love to be a YES as much as possible, just tell us what you need.

I mean, the only reason we have almond milk in the fridge is that someone asked for it.

Ask and you shall receive.

Not always, but its always worth the shot.

Often we have this barrier around us that can prevent us from just rolling out our needs and wants, but people inherently want to be helpful! Deep down, we're always thrilled to be mini-superheroes for others. If we don't ask, we run the risk of being disappointed by our minds not being read. Its constructive and real to just ask for what it is that you need sometimes. Similar to when I ask for "flair" burpees. I put it out there that I need to see something special and I am always impressed by what people do... but I gotta ask for it.

Just this week, I had to adjust some of our family schedule because they told me its what they needed from me and I was excited to make it happen. I have had friends that have shown up in such great ways because its been one need after another and I can't wait to return the favors. I've needed to have some meetings this month about the future of the Barn and I was so happy to see people from the County and the Collective break away from their schedules and gather because I asked them to.

On Thurdsay, we announced a retreat that we are involved in this Spring and we are thrilled by the amount of people that are in for the trip because they've needed a weekend like that.. and Lindsay and I are excited to help mobilize it.

And on Friday night, I was with a good friend and town entrepreneur who was celebrating 10 years of growing TopShelf, LITERALLY from a cocktail napkin. He gathered the team spanning a decade to say thank you and toast to the success. He highlighted the role of every person and how their efforts were just what both he and the company needed to grow. They were such a tight unit of camaraderie- the 10 years of stories they told were fascinating and hilarious- they really have a shorthand language, they know how to get it all done for each other and for the business. It was inspiring and impressive- the world maybe needs more stories like that, of bootstrapped vision, teamwork, determination and grit.

If we don't try, if we don't ask- we'll never know. And what's fun about that? Life is for living and communicating and connecting.

Someone even mentioned to us this week that they needed some items from the Barn to take and show Oprah at a Summit they are attending- we're on it ;) !!!!

Give people a chance to deliver on what it is that you really need.

Try it this week, you might get what you want.