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the extra mile

Go "the extra mile"...#theextramile...#tem
It's been a fun motto this past week and it really doesn't have much to do with running.
Yes, the Beau Collective is fitness focused at the core...
Intense workouts require "extra" of us, we push each other, we challenge each other, we keep each other in check and bring out that bonus, that "extra" special something.
And when someone gives a little more, we all pitch in a little more... its a magic, endearing ripple effect. Week after week, it never fails.
But, we also have real lives, real shit to do and real relationships in them... so when the fitness is done and we set out for the remaining 23 hours of the day, how do we apply the "extra" of us? Where are we going the extra mile in our day to day routine? That's what I've been harnessing and having fun with this week:
Like this random stuff:
- I got myself allllll PREPARED this week. For reals. 
Meal prep, shopping, cleaning, kid wrangling, workouts, jobby job stuff etc.
- I've given family & friends much more of my ATTENTION. 
- I witnessed lululemon park city SURPRISE & DELIGHT all 24 members of the Beaugram fam and I was inspired and in awe of the extra mile they were throwing down.
- I PRIORITIZED and let things win that sometimes don't get the front line.
- I've been more THOROUGH with work tasks, follow ups, organizational dreads & obligatory what not.
- I let myself just RELAX and revel in having so many hang out moments with my hubs & kids.
The ripple effects have been insightful & satisfying & fun to notice.
I knew it would be this way, that I would feel better, more in control of my days, more content with how everything was shaking out.... because I knew I was giving more effort to it all.
So even if we're used to winging it, skipping it, eff-ing it, dreading it, avoiding it, slacking it...see what happens when you go after those ripple effects.
You might just be extra impressed and reminded that....
You've totally got this.