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21 days. That's what it takes to break or create a habit in our lives.

It is proven.

And it is hard for the first week...and to give it a real go, you need to speak about it, invite accountability in, share the load with others; but once you reach the 3 week mark, you're golden... its a "gift" of sorts.

So with the "gift" in mind, we worked backwards...and on December 4th- 24 of us threw out different habits, goals and new normalness that we would love to see by Christmas Day.

We literally took turns getting up to sketch the "habits" we wanted to make, or break, on a white board during core drills. They looked a little like this:

No soda.

More water, less booze.

No late night snacking.

Only 2 glasses of wine. Leave the cork.

More patience with the kids.

5 workouts every week.

Earlier to bed.

Up by 6:30am everyday.


Less negative self talk.

This list went on and on...some people knew just what to say, they knew exactly what they were after.

Others waited until the core drills sucked just enough, that writing on the board served as a good break. Whatever the route- we packed a poster board with commitments for all to see and for each of us to look forward to on December 25th.

You put it out there. We all saw it. We've got you.

Myself included.

We didn't wait until the 1st of the month, 1st of the year, or a Monday; it was a Thursday, in early December, before the hustle-bustley holiday season.


So we are just a few days away, I feel so much better- my habit is no longer and I needed to have some awesome people around me doing the same thing to make it happen. Thank you- I'm so proud of this group.

So if you're out there with something you'd love to drop or pick up in your life...don't wait, start now- find some good people who are in and keep thinking about day 22.