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I should be getting ready to go teach a sunrise sesh this AM... but we have the week off from BC... Session 2 starts next week!
Part of me is happy to sleep in and paint and cook waffles early in the AM with my kids before school and part of me is already missing these peeps.
Here's what I've learned with 12 people over 12 weeks- that a DOZEN makes a DIFFERENCE.
12 weeks. 12 people. DOZEN-ness....
I look forward to these people, working together, elevating each other and I have started to realize these people are ready to rally for every single team member in their class.
Social circles aside..... It. Don't. Matta.
These people ....look forward to... these people.
For 12 weeks- these 24 (two teams) people worked, chatted, benchmarked, rallied, inspired & pushed through whatever shit & struggle (we allllll got it) they had going on in their lives. They started to see results on the scale, their conditioning started to reveal itself, their energy levels were up. A lot of this pursuit has nothing to do with fitness and much more to do with day to day life conditioning.
And as it turns out, none of them showed up for classes hoping it was JUST me and them. They were there for each other, for the camaraderie, for the support, for the "I get you and I know you get me" and let's do this... because, if not now... WHEN? and HOW?
The takeaway....12 people, 12 weeks- I think I've found a new inspirational harbor here at this spot, at this new team based atmosphere. A lot can be accomplished when you mobilize a small force. The BeauGram is boutique in its effort & Power Hour just yesterday had 60 people on the field, but they both share the same premise... there is absolutely strength in numbers.
They say that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with....
Think about that....let that soak in... It's been something that brings a lot of clarity to my days. 
If we assess our surroundings often, let's look at who and what is elevating us and whose averages we are bringing up in return.
We all are capable of impacting the person next to us and you can find a team, a harbor of inspiration in just a few people, if you choose them right.
But these past 12 weeks...these dozens have especially changed me, made me better, helped me achieve new goals, made it hilarious and brought up my average week after week.