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Invest your efforts...kick in your energy... and then assess your returns.
The "sweat equity" of this new session has been amazing to watch.
39 teammates, twice a week, investing in Sesh 2.0, creating their own value and that of the entire group.
We all decided that this session is a new "deal", ripe for new investments of sweaty pursuits, time, energy, goals, schedule juggling, sore muscles etc. Those from Session 1 are building on impressive momentum and for those that are brand new, we've noticed a special kind of grit and hustle with some endearing speculation. What really will change? Will I drop old, or scoop up new habits? Will I really want push myself? Will I really attain goals that I shared with this group???? HOW do I really do it? The next 10 weeks will be telling and they have their teammates to push and pull them along....many of them know the value of such sidekicks.
We GET what we GIVE and this deal specifically has sweat as a commodity and currency... with big goal returns as the redemption value. Two days a week we work hard together and each teammate is then responsible for what they do with the other 5. An internal facebook page buzzes all week with sweaty ideas, inspiration, motivation, & real deal stuff that is happening in their world. Some go all in, some skip it, some are just waiting...
The goals are awesome. The people are real and ready.
The power to create change is powerful to watch... and the more we want a good return on our investments in life, the more we want to pitch in extra effort, to try harder, to give more, risk more... to put more sweat equity into the deal.