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Team. Teammates. Team spirit. 
We continue to learn the value & the fun of those hard to come by meanings. These days we're totally out of our team prime- I mean, aside from summer softball and dodgeball leagues- there are limitations to what teams we can join, as we are in the thick of professional life & the parenthood jam. 
As of today, we have scooped up 47 BeauCo teammates that are now "on the bench" ...rooting for each other, inspiring goals, adding accountability, getting gutsy and stepping up to show up for the others. Basically, what I am loving from my view is watching the variety of ways these guys and gals get "off the bench" and into the weekly game. Cool stuff is happening, people are landing out of their comfort zones, progress is being made, ripple effects continue in their personal lives and they literally grind and cheer and sweat impressively each class. It's comfy on the bench, but its even better to hop off and jump in to contribute to the team pursuit. But, let's seriously not take this all too seriously...
I'd say we focus more on life conditioning than fitness, goal tending more than scale watching, dropping into social spots more than gyms. We all come from busy worlds, but we are all working on something, there is something that compels each of us to get to class each day... and once we're there- we see that many others are ready to get off the bench and into the game with us... to cheer, root, push and carry each other towards a shared pursuit.... days well played.