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Park City is a beautiful playground with endless opportunities for adventures and fun. From skiing to mountain biking to outdoor concerts; this town is the best. However, that is not what makes me love Park City. I love Park City because of the people that live in this town. The town is full of GEAU getters and GEAU givers trying to live their best life. No one is stuck in Park City, most people have made a very conscious decision to live in this town because of the lifestyle it provides. Of course people have their ups and downs, but for the most part this community feels happy!

I love watching people and seeing what “living their best life” looks like. It is different for everyone and that is what makes life so interesting. As I have turned 40, I have really focused in on what I truly want my days to look like. I have made myself uber aware of what truly brings me joy and what feels like an obligation. A big realization for me is that there are a lot of things that I don’t care about that I have always felt I should care about. I really don’t care about buying a big house, always having a new car or being invited to every party in town. For me the simpler I keep my days, the happier I am. I want to travel and have experiences with my family and close friends. I am changing my mindset from making decisions about what I should be doing and wanting- to what is the best way to spend my time. Time is the biggest commodity that we have. You can get more things, but you can’t get more time.

Last weekend I got to spend mothers’ day with 70 other moms at the barn. We all got to chose how we spent our day and all 70 of us chose to spend it together. The morning was amazing-we celebrated each other, hung out long after the workout was done, talked, laughed and felt zero obligations to do anything else. We were happy and present. I left knowing that this is how life should feel more often. We all have obligations, laundry has to get done, the kids need to be shuttled, jobs are a must. But most of us have an hour here and there that we can chose how our time is best spent! That is were we all need to focus in and give ourselves permission to do whatever brings us joy.

The time you have is the biggest gift you can give yourself and others in your life. Focus in and truly consider if you are spending your time in a way that brings you the most joy in this life. Remember that happiness looks different for everyone, so time spent happy is time well spent!