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posted by rachel

Over the past few weeks I have been lucky enough to find myself around beautiful tables celebrating the Holidays with people that I admire and adore. At all these tables it’s not the meal or decorations that have struck me as the main event. It is with the CLING CLING of the glass and the toast is delivered that the magic of the celebration truly begins. I relish in a good toast and if you ask my closest friends, I love to give them. The trouble is, I can’t get through a toast without fumbling over my words or getting super emotional, but I know that with every fumbled word everyone around that table knows exactly what it is I mean to say. I love you and I am so happy we are sharing in this moment together. The delivery of your toast will never mean as much as your intent.

Every year just before Christmas I attend a dinner at one of my dearest friend’s home. Her attention to detail with this dinner is immaculate. We sit around a table that is perfectly set with the most festive dishes and we share in the healing power of delicious comfort food. Our host sits at the head of the table, and with her beautifully thought out and deeply heartfelt toast she lets each one of us know exactly how we fill her cup. It is such a unique and important reminder of how special our people are and that we should tell them every day and around every table. Holiday celebration or not. Let your holiday traditions spark these conversations and bring back the meaning and root of why you do them in the first place. These expressions of gratitude seem to be happening everywhere, not just around a table. The holidays are bringing out what it truly means to be grateful and my people have not been afraid to say it.

So, let’s raise our glasses (or maybe our Sunday coffee cup) to the Beau Collective and every bad ass person who rolls through our sweat room.

We dig deeper and push harder because of the incredible community that surrounds us. May we continue to go that extra mile and take risks with great reward.

To Whit and Linds, your commitment and dedication to this collective is remarkable. Your hustle and heart inspire us daily and you are at the core of our beloved community. You do hard things and in return give us all the courage to tackle our daily hurdles once we leave your care. Thank you for leading us with such grace and courage. We are better together, and we are better because of ALL that you give EVERY SINGLE DAY!

To this decade and all it has taught us. The struggles and triumphs have made us better and shaped our character. To those that we have gained and those that we have lost, may the memories continue to bring comfort and joy. And to all the possibilities of the next decade. May these 10 years be decorated with beautiful adventure and may our cups always be full!