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making magic

posted by lindsay

I am a huge fan of this time of year. I wake up and the world feels magical. Christmas was a big deal in my house growing up. My mom is a crafter who still to this day sells Christmas ornaments at the Harvest Festival that travels from city to city. Our house was fun and festive and Christmas morning was always a little over the top. I loved every detail and every tradition and I could not wait to recreate the magic for my own kids! On the day it is appropriate (by my husband’s standards) the tree goes up and Christmas music plays on repeat. I love the process of shopping and finding fun gifts for everyone in my life and I truly adore all the fun holidates that we do as a family and with other families.

During this time of year I am also very aware that it is not magical for a lot of people. The financial stress can be overwhelming, family dynamics can be hard, people are missing someone that is not sitting around their Christmas tree. My heart breaks for all those that just want to skip the entire holiday season and head straight to the new year. I want to help bring these people a little magic, lighten their load and make this time of year a little better.

Every year we collect toys for Operation Hope at the Christian Center. I am blown away by how many families they help. This year we set a pretty big goal of collecting 600 items for the Christian Center and we DID IT!!! Our people showed up and donated. Every donation was a little piece of magic for a family in need.

Many people walk through our doors and are not doing great. Sometimes we know, but most of the time we don’t. They come to take 45 minutes for themselves before dealing with all the things this time of year brings. This is where the magic happens at the distillery. People high five, smile at each other, hug or just workout really hard side by side. Those that have it to give, share their energy with those that need it. People leave a little bit better, a little more ready to face the day. It is about so much more than a workout and that magic is some of my favorite!

If you feel the magic of the season, let’s do our part to share that magic. Sometimes it can be as simple as a friendly smile! For those that this time of year is hard….we’ve got you!