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posted by- lindsay

21 days! The amount of time is takes to make something a habit, OR break a habit! Three weeks of focus and willpower and we can make a change; sounds simple, but sometimes without a wingman, or 250 of them, it can be hard to stick with it!

At the Beau Collective we have a 21 day Challenge every session. It is a time where we all add something into our lives or take something out for 21 days. We LOVE doing this, it is great for our own focus and seeing what other people are up to never gets old. This is a 3 step process:

1. Decide what you are going to do

2. Tell your class

3. Write it on the board.

The last two are KEY! Once you have said it aloud AND written it for the world (or about 250 people) to see- it will hold you accountable. We all have the moments when maybe we just don’t want to do it anymore, but then the 250 voices in our head gives us just a little more willpower to see it through! As we say over and over, we are better TOGETHER!!

A 21 day challenge does not have to be a big thing, we see it ALL!! Diet changes can be popular; cutting down on sugar, soda, a little less wine, not eating after 7PM. We also see little things; completely stopping at stop lights, being nicer to their kids between 6-8 at night, reading for 20 minutes a day, using f#$% less. Every goal is great and we love and support them all!!

We started our on 21 day challenge on March 19th, but here’s the great news….You can start a 21 day challenge ANY DAY!! Find a wingman, tell them what you are up to and just GEAU!! Before you know it, one good decision will lead to another good decision and that little shift becomes a big change!