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posted by- whit

We say it all the time in the Sweat room- “give a little bit” more…more effort, reps, speed, focus, etc…but I think what blows us away sometimes is the pure giving nature of people.

We don’t ask often, but the Collective is so quick to rally generous resources when needed and we’ve given a little bit to lots around the Park City community.

We run a business based on fitness and retail, but we serve a community based on support and goodwill and we dig the way we all line up behind everyone’s endeavors.

As coaches we are impressed when people dig deep and show that they’re giving what they've got; as moms and Parkites, we are even more blown away when people step up to give their time or energy to the greater good. No matter how much it is, even a little bit is rad.

At the Barn, we say absolutely YESSSS to all of the sponsorship & donor requests from local nonprofits and causes we get throughout the year. A little bit of enthusiasm really can go a long way these days and sometimes its just fun to knock people’s socks off with your willingness to show them that their causes are admired.

We give a “Sweat Equity” gift on behalf of all teammates at the end of every Session to a selected local entity and although its totally just a little bit- we make it a priority to show up for others collectively… someway, somehow.

As this new week gets ready to begin… look to give a little bit. Energy, time, attention, conversation, resources etc and watch what happens-generosity in any form is contagious.