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Some days teammates walk into the Barn and see white sheets taped to the door or scattered on the floor. People are in the social room sweaty, smiley and big eyed because they are finished-they just took a challenge style workout from debatable... to done. And they all know they will see this workout again in a few weeks. Every workout at the Barn is a hard, fast paced grind- but these are different. These are benchmark days where we're pushed to the absolute limit-and there is a visible reaction to it and we call it... benchmark face.

We introduced this form of setting baselines in Session 2 and its grown to be loved and dreaded with its own lil' charm. We outline drills that are performed and everyone keeps track of what they can complete in given time. They mark it down, make little notes and repeat it weeks later to see how much better and stronger they have potentially become. And they do get better, faster stronger; even the smallest shift in numbers is a little victory- it reminds us all that our BEST can even get better and that progress is possible. We test our kids all of the time to see how they are growing and progressing, but rarely afford ourselves the same opportunity. And its these types of challenge days that really bring out the best spirit in people. They are rooting for each other, loudly whooping and hugging and serving as a wingmates to people they might not even know that well. Lindsay and I get sore hands from clapping, we get funny follow up texts and overhear such insightful chatter. We love it, we absolutely love what we witness on days like this and we see that even with no trophy, medal or cash prizes... people push themselves to a max simply to see what they are made of on a Wednesday.

In life, some days can come and go without anyone cheering for us. Some days can even require zero grit and not an ounce of hustle- but not benchmark day. That's the beauty of the baseline- it delivers a chance to see how far we have come since the start. Progress is the key to it all.

So head towards progress this week. Whether its at the Barn or out in your own world- assess where it is that you can possibly get better, more efficient & stronger and seize the chance to redeem some power.