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Comfort and joy. One brings about the other.

This is what I've realized the most this season.

True comfort and contentment is the quickest path to joy.

Its maybe something that's been complicated previously, but now we all see just how simple it can be.

People, places, pursuits, peace.

Where comfort is found, joy seems to be riding shotgun and vice versa.

A special thank you those who have supported and celebrated the work we do. Its an unprecedented time, but we have found a way to deliver heart and hustle in a new, but significant way. I wish there was a phrase stronger than I MISS YOU, I would prolly use that for so many of you and I know there will be a day that we can re-unite in different ways and in different drills and that keeps us going. THANK YOU to so many of you that have shopped by the shop, online etc. I LOVE seeing you and all are welcome this week to come by and soak up what feels festive and joyful. (Just skipping Kimball Junction for one errand sparks joy 😆)

The bar is open 6am-11am, just bring your mask and grab a coffee or something stronger. If anyone needs anything, just tell/text me. It brings me joy to show up and help/support- its kinda what I do :)

A special thank you to Kelsey, Rachel, Christa & Michelle- I admire your hearts, dedication and ability to safely navigate, connect with others and uplift us all. Our joy has never been a job and this place and amongst such strong friends and wonderful clients that I adore is still where I find so much comfort.

Thank you to my family ... here in Park City there are 8 of us & it is like an entertaining village ages 7 to 71. I thank God for them and the comfort they provide everyday & I love them harder and softer than ever before. Stan has been our guiding light and we have gotten really good at taking it easy these days. I treasure my close friends where I feel in your lane and on your wavelength no matter where we are and am grateful for your love and rally of hope daily. I keep going because you keep going.

For me, lots of comfort & joy is still in Arizona and I look forward to an upcoming off-season sometime soon as they can't be with us during this special week of birthdays and holidays that is always 12/21-12/26.

I love you Mom & Dad and Will- your magic is sprinkled everywhere here.

Merry everything to all...

May we be clear in what brings us comfort and joy and how we deliver it best to those that mean so much to us. Some days we are able to make the heavy feel light ...and somedays others make it happen, there are angels among us. May we lovingly accept that change is a constant part of this beautiful life and continue to keep going with faith and trust. Let's love on those doing life with us- near and far, all year long.

Skis & Greetings.

Heart & Hustle.

Comfort & Joy.

Love you all ❤️💚,