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Hello BeauCo!

I am writing this from the corner of my dining room table, where I always write the blog and other laptop type stuff. We literally started a home renovation project 6 weeks ago, took apart almost everything and then know... My husband is truly a wizard, but truth be told, we pretty much just stared at all the plastic coverings, paint cans, blue tape, furniture and walked around it for about 4 weeks. BUT there's LOTS of improvising happening in this hometown, you all know what I mean.

I want to say how much I miss you and how resilient everyone continues to show me they are, literally everyday. Almost overnight, all of our hometowns became restaurants, schools, coffee shops, offices, bars, workout rooms, movie theaters, online hangouts, project centers etc. What we all do is not easy-but we do hard things... for ourselves and each other. Some days feel pretty good as we all agree that the slow pace and family bonding is so unique and special, I'm forever changed. But some days, the list of things that I feel like I am crushing looks like this:


Anyone else? :) Everyday is the same and different- it's fascinating.

But, thats just how this ball is rolling these days and as long as everyone feels safe and loved, we've done our most important job of the day, everyday. We're going to see the power and possibility in this pivot, just not yet. We have to have faith in the faces of our lives to see us all through and we will have SEAU many stories to tell.

Patience. Faith. Acceptance. Simplicity. Love. Work. Quiet. Grit. Uplifting conversation. Cocktails. Rest. Diligence. Humor. Surrender. Connection.

On repeat- it's HIIT style quarantine.

A good friend reminds me everyday that it is my <r e s p o n s i b I i l i t y > how I respond to this change each day. I don't have to DO anything other than respond in a way that feels authentic for myself, my family, & my people everyday. Surround your thoughts with thoughts that make you feel lighter- however you find them.

I'll look at this reminder everyday until I feel like I don't need to.

And speaking of reminders- keep moving/working out-something everyday! Endorphins are so very real and we love seeing you in the squares in our new virtual collective. If you haven't tried it yet, please give it a GEAU. The sunshine makes its official arrival soon- so get out there and soak it up for a bit daily, its what we can do and should do.

And MUSIC.. music is one of the best ways to travel from home.

Some of the most pivotal times in our lives are marked by certain songs and this time will be no different. I've connected with my friends from high school and college and we've been swapping "mix tapes" of all of our old stuff and songs that we love currently or songs that help for different points of the days. I've even been swapping with some of you!! These MIX TAPES have been such a delight- because truly no one knows what they're doing- but gahhhhd its way better to do it along to good music. Some points in the day call for upbeat tunes, amazing ballads, throwbacks, crowdpleasers, or mellow, or fresh new covers.

Every day is a mix tape really.

Its not how happy or sad the tune is, just how long it lasts and another new song is at the ready to play no matter what. We all need different anthems at different times... and I am incredibly grateful for the music makers and uplifters around us that keep delivering the good stuff.

It's another Sunday - time for more coffee before its time for something else. I sure do miss our home away from home- but you are safe, loved, missed, doing a freaking amazing job and I am rooting for you all from my hometown. I am in it with you, sometimes in the same loungewear as yesterday, with resolve and mix tapes to swap.


I love you .