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I don’t know about the rest of you, but recently I have been very aware that sometimes I crush the day and sometimes…. Not so much! All the things usually get done, but how they get done varies from day to day.

One thing I have continued to focus on is exercise. Sweating and moving every day is a game changer for me and by the trickle-down effect, everyone else in my life! I have been checking out some of the options out there for at home workouts. Last week I started a workout and about 10 minutes in the instructor yelled, “It’s time to give more, you did not come here to be mediocre!” The irony is that I had absolutely shown up to be mediocre. I had shown up to just move and I was really OK with that!

This has been a silver lining for me… I have given myself permission to sometimes just check boxes without feeling I SHOULD be doing more. I just keep showing up for all the things and doing the very best I can. Somedays that is three amazing meals a day, an organized school day, and a clean house. Other days I feel satisfied that everyone ate, school was done, and we all got through another day pretty much unscathed!

Our ZOOM workouts have been such a highlight for me! I am LOVING all the faces in the squares (and the faces I picture behind the black boxes)! People are zooming in and zooming out. People are showing up and doing what feels good! That to me could never be considered mediocre… showing up and getting it done is ALWAYS crushing it in my book!! We don’t have to always be extreme- just consistent!!

If you have not joined us in our new virtual world yet- PLEASE come! Just show up as you are and get exactly what you need. It is SEAU different but SEAU the same!

Keep showing up for all the things and doing what you can….We are all doing great!