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There has never been a time in life that little moments and silver linings have mattered more! I find myself truly celebrating moments that probably would have passed by without a conscious acknowledgment that they even happened.

Securing a spot on Clicklist- I celebrate!

Fresh flowers- I celebrate

Laughing hard with my family- I celebrate!

A clean kitchen- I celebrate!

My kids taking a shower- I celebrate!

A great zoom class- I celebrate!

A successful day of homeschool complete- I pop the champagne!!!

These little, simple moments are keeping me going- keeping my head above water! There are probably twice the number of moments that may leave me feeling discouraged during the day, but I refuse to focus on those. Laundry may not get done, my kids may have way too much screen time, I may not shower until 9PM, but that is all OK!

The focus on celebrating the LIVIES (little victories) and being truly kind to myself on everything else has been a true silver lining. We all worry too much and are so hard on ourselves. We feel like we should have a clean house, three balanced healthy meals a day, our kids should not have screens and read for at least 45 minutes a day and the list goes on and on. This time has shown that all we all really need is to love each other, support each other, laugh together and sweat a few times a week! Simple things that can become so hard when we are running from thing to thing.!

We are all going to be OK- we are going to get through this!! My hope is that when we head back into our lives, we take some lessons with us from quarantine! I hope we all speed back up, but maybe not as fast as before- -Pop the champagne over little victories, keep up all the happy hours, eat dinner as a family, play board games, go on walks and all the simple joys we have discovered.

I hope to see you all soon. But until then, celebrate all the little things everyday!!

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