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Posted by whit

I’m waking up this morning in Vegas.

This week I woke up in Park City, Hollywood and Manhattan Beach and now I’m here. In a word- it’s been a rally.

But that’s what I’m loving about what I see around me- it seems to be a rally kind of season on so many fronts. Just last night we saw Jerry Seinfeld (hilarious) but we weren’t lucky on the tables. At 9pm we were down...but we were not out. We just had to rally and we did ...and the next few hours were spent winning, cheering, clapping, laughing & pizza 🍕 at 1am with full pockets. An amazing shift!

And back at home-the rally is real.

-Park City Miners are about to take State this week (Swing the Pick!). We will be wearing red & black everyday at the Distillery- join us!

-LIVE PC GIVE PC crushed their fundraising this year!

-Silver King Coffee got city approval-woohoo!

-Session 20 finishes and Seshy 21 registration finalizes this week (it opens to the public on Sat)

-The Social Room is flipped to holiday and ready to make spirits bright!

-Thanksgiving is on the horizon (classes at 6:30am/7:30am/8:30am)

-Skis are getting tuned-BeauCo ski days to come!

-Christmas is on arrival, (Santa joins us Sunday 12/8)!

and ....the decade is about to be done.


I’d say it’s rally season for just about everyone, so we’re gonna keep circling up all the wagons (physically,mentally,emotionally)-good thing we don’t do this stuff alone. We don’t clap & cheer when no one is around- we’re all in all the things to some degree...together! Even if some days we feel down...we are not out... we just gotta rally.

Let’s keep in mind ::

Sometimes we just gotta do the things we have to do ... to get to do what we want to.

Work Hard. Play Hard.

Rally. Rest. Reflect. Repeat.

So bring on ALLLLLL the things, I love a good rally & these hands don’t clap alone-it’s GEAU time & we’ve got you.