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Three weeks ago, the entire reality of life was rocked. We were told there is a virus and we all need to stay inside our homes, home school our kids and cut off all face to face contact with anyone outside of our homes. Like all of you, this made us need to take a moment to pause and feel this new normal.

There was really no playbook offered for how families should behave, how we should homeschool our kids or how we should run our business. It was literally a FIRST and as I sat back and watched all of you figure it out, watched businesses think outside the box, watched teacher show up for us and our children- I was 100% inspired! Inspired by the notion that we are all in this together and that we are all doing the best we can! In my opinion, we are all CRUSHING it!!

There have been some real champions that have shown themselves. ALL. THE. MEMES!!! These have kept me laughing and feeling light, meme writers seriously have my HEART! I have always been a fan of loungewear, but it is truly king right now! The dishwasher, it must be running 14 times a week! The AMAZING personal shoppers at the grocery store. Groceries that just show up at your front door is truly dreamy. The biggest one has been ZOOM!! Whit heard someone say about technology that “what used to divide us, is now connecting us” how amazing is that? I spend a portion of my day on FT or Zoom with family, friends and now those that can make our 8AM workouts. It has become the highlight of my time at home. It has really shown that what we all want to do is really SEE each other.

We will now be going LIVE 3 days a week on ZOOM! It is not something we ever thought we would do, but here we are, and I LOVE it! I would not want to do it forever, but the connection that we can all feel over ZOOM is incredible! I see you in your basements and kitchens. I see you with your kids or lifting water jugs. I see you sweating and giving 100%. It leaves me feeling like WE GOT THIS!!

You are all doing GREAT!!! We miss you so much it hurts but love that three times a week we can really SEE each other and CONNECT!!!