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no hurry

posted by whit

One of my favorite parts to the last 2 months has been that I have been in hurry.

Rushing around has kind of been one of my pet peeves for a long time, so I have enjoyed the shift to non- hurry immensely.  

Some other notable shifts:

I sleep in all the time now, but make it a point to have a good view of the sunsets.

I am committed to exercise and connection, but what used to come easy for both, now takes a little more effort.

I now love to watch documentaries about history, when before - I so often focused on the future and what I could do with it.

I miss all the visiting with our friends and events, but don't miss having multiple things on our daily schedule.

I am looking forward to traveling to the places on our list, but have fallen in love more with our home and all of its mess & comfort.

My perspective of what is essential is shifting.

I feel more faith than fear today, but I struggle often with waves of loss & uncertainty.

This 'Great Pause' has only rushed me into where I most likely needed to be and maybe where we all needed to be.

Checking in on ourselves.

And I still have a lot to discover.

This all pushed us very quickly- without any permission or warning, into a galvanizing chapter of our story and we will write all future chapters differently because of it. There's not a big rush to get to a finish line that is just not there. Rather, its just a steady ease into a fresh new era that we all will enter in our own way.

MAY has arrived and it may mean that you do things the same, or do things differently- but there is no rush to shift or decide. We had high hopes of opening back up in the summer months- but we have decided that there is no hurry. Reassurance and peace of mind are the focus and we will strive to keep us all connected and keep serving you all in the positive ways we can, to deliver the things you all want & need.

We do know that Session 22 has 3 weeks left...that we will make Mother's Day a thing and that we can't wait to see you in the squares this month. Shift happens, this is the ultimate platform for personal growth and I've gotten some things right and some things wrong, but I am a first timer, we all are. It's like we all can relate to the motto: "It's my first pandemic...I'm new here...Please don't rush me..." Steady as we GEAU. Let's not underestimate the power of kindness and checking in with your people. Some of us might just need that text you are about to send or that over enthusiastic wave on the trails or around town, at the very moment it happens. Comfort is a beautiful thing when you find it, or it finds you.

There's no hurry in here or out there...which just leaves a lot of room for empathy and grace.

Here's to making this shift up as we go.

Love you all,