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I was raised a parrothead- a golden Jimmy Buffett fan and we just got to see him live in Boston.

He reminds me constantly of the power of not taking things too seriously. We do serious work at the Barn, the kind of stuff that leaves people full of sweat, sometimes out of their comfort zone and re-invigorated and focused; but the way we try to take the edge off, deliver it with a side of shits & giggles and really try to balance the inspiration, pace and word play - is maybe one of my favorite parts. We’ve had a feeling that the way we make fun of fitness is our differentiator and after visiting big town studios, we are certain of it. They are SERIOUSSS.

We have the good fortune of being surrounded by people who like to work insanely hard in the Barn, at their jobs and families everyday; but we love to notice how funny people are in the world, how they make our day with an unexpected comment or a philosophy they have that is hilarious and imperfect. We keep learning that no one really has it all figured out and as much these years go by, we are just growing up and scooping up more real responsibilities, but we still feel young and we still love to laugh till we cry and get to do stuff that just feels good. Sometimes the delight is in the unexpected funny moments with people and how it can shift your mindset. Our 10,000M rower challenge last week was intense and the competitive vibe was palpable, but that people rowed wearing Volcano Week flowered leis-and did so with gusto- will be one of our favorite memories- it was so funny.

I am now 10 years into the fitness world and I know a good amount about all the technical aspects and that fitness is evolving and trending everyday-- but I’m starting to realize that we are entering a time where people just want to escape their life for 45 minutes or so and do what feels good. Lots of real life happens outside the Barn gates- people have serious stuff going on and we work really hard to be a beacon of lightheartedness & a sure thing of happy, amongst all the heavy out there. We’ll be those people for you and we know you'd be those people for us and maybe if we looked for the funny- if we gave ourselves permission to laugh amongst all the seriousness out there… we might not go insane.

So give yourself a break this week….we just did …we celebrated and rallied and although we stayed active and ran all around Boston- what might be the most sore- is our cheeks.