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Posted by LINDSAY

MUSIC is MAGIC! The lyrics, the beat, the way it can take you back to an exact point in your life and make you feel a certain way is just extraordinary. Truth be told, we LOVE music so much, it receives equal attention from us when we plan our workouts! From the warmup song to the cool down song, we know that a whole lot of motivation lies in all the songs in between! We see it everyday and feel it when we are in class, when a great song comes on we run a little faster, jump a little higher or do a few more reps…it is MAGIC.

We have always given thought to the playlist in the social room and during class, but last week we went even further…we had our first LIVE musician during a workout! Andrew, one of our 6AM BREAUS, played acoustic guitar outside as people went through an 8-minute set. It was a little surprise that made the effort feel easier and the sweat just more fun…and THAT is what we are always after, FUN!! Our playlists are filled with anything from Calvin Harris, to 2 PAC, to Zach Brown Band to Guns N' Roses. The music might not necessarily go together, but that is part of fun! We pepper every playlist with a little something for everyone. So if DJ Khaled is not your jam, wait about 90 seconds and chances are Fitz and the Tantrums is on it’s way!

This summer we are so pumped to support Mountain Town Music- the organization in Park City that exists to "produce, foster, and support live music which enhances the cultural experience for residents and visitors". It is truly an opportunity for us to combine two of our true passions…community and music!! We are sponsoring the series at Quarry Village, which has been renamed THE BEAU COLLECTIVE STAGE!

Every Sunday in August, a different band will play and we will head out of the barn to watch, dance, socialize and picnic with our framily and other locals and visitors! We LOVE what Mountain Town Music does for this community and we could not be more excited to be a part of something that brings nothing but good vibes and happiness!

The first concert is TONIGHT at 6PM, we hope to see you all there!