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posted by lindsay

This week I started a new decade, I left my 30s behind and SPRINTED into my 40s!! My 30s were filled with some of the greatest moments of my life! I had two babies, I moved to Park City, I became a fitness instructor…I am positive there were others, but the decade feels like a bit of a blur! Truth is, my 30s were a GRIND. They were filled with some of my highest highs and my lowest lows. Over the past few weeks people have asked me how I am feeling about turning 40, I have said GREAT and absolutely meant it! It helps that I am surround by so many people that make 40 and 50 look SEAU good!! I am now 40AF and can’t wait to take all the lessons I learned from my 30s to a new decade.

Here are some of the highlights-
-Empathy and a kind heart are the qualities that matter most! Have them and surround yourself with people that do! We are all trying to do the best we can!
-No is NOT a bad word. It opens up a YES to something else!
-Drinking at night is a young man's game! Gotta get it done early!
-The greatest muscle that exercise strengthens- is your mind! When your mind is healthy, the rest of your life is just better-do a little something everyday and just see what happens!
- When you ask someone how they are doing, really ASK!! Sometimes that can completely change someone’s day! When someone asks you, tell them. We all need each other and you never know when you can turn someone’s day around!
-Choose your battles wisely…make sure what you win will be worth the fight.
-Don’t take life, or yourself too seriously. Laughing is the KEY to happiness & there is no better feeling than laughing until you cry!!
-Focus on Self Care. Getting older made me realize that Dove soap is probably not the best soap to use on my face anymore! Plus, painted nails always add a little pep to my step! Little upgrades will just make you feel good!
-Try to challenge yourself in someway. There are usually no prizes or trophies at the end of it, but it feels SEAU good to get out of your comfort zone!
- Know who your people are and always make sure they know how proud you are of them, how grateful you are for them and how much you love them!!!
-Be your own best friend!!

So THANK YOU 30s, you made me a way better version of myself! 40s here I come- I am ready to worry less, laugh more, and enjoy all the little moments that make my days a life that I love!!