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posted by whit

Our 3rd Annual CAMP BEAUCO series kicks off tomorrow!

Kids ages 10+ join us Barnside for workouts, quick journaling and visits from local influencers.

Most often these kids are mini versions of our current teammates- we are entrusted by these parents to show their kids exactly what kind of Barn party it is that they report to on a weekly basis.

And these kids are ready for everything- Rowers, the Woodies, Bosus, loud music, burpees, touchdowns, etc and crush it all literally and just with their enthusiasm.

What the CAMPERS do:

workout indoors & outside

write/think about the daily #hashtag

meet and hear from our local friends

help us select the CAMP soundtrack all week

high five & team build with their teammates

What WE do:

dress in matching outfits and they can barely tell us apart

outline fitness basics and craft different workouts everyday

establish fun benchmarks & baselines and keep 'em motivated

play freeze tag a few times and pretty much die

Again, its more than fitness around here and we're excited to sweat the difference this week!

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