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life on purpose.


Happy Father’s WEEK as we say around here...we never let the moms and dads just get ONE day.

We have 30+ guys in the Collective- we call them BREAUS and they make us better every class. They push us, they make us laugh, they fire up cool competitiveness and they are genuinely and absolutely the good guys. We watch them greet each other, comiserate about the workouts, look equally perplexed about remembering alllllll the drills and then we get to see them coffee up and network in the Social Room. We say that oftentimes the Barn gives people stuff they didn’t even know they wanted- and we see that a lot in the bonding of the BREAUS.

These guys juggle careers, travel schedules, families, deadlines, obligations and hobbies so its fun to have a cool place with cool people that they get to swing by on the regular.

No scheduling needed, no calendar checking required, just show up, sweat & shoot the shit if there’s time.

Community and connection are equal opportunity Barnside- its not just for the ladies- the guys dig it too and they do it in their own cool way.

Our husbands are they reason we get to deliver what we do- they support us and help us behind the scenes more than most realize. Stan, Chris, Rob & Ed are unsung heroes lots of the time and we love them and the way they have propelled us to run this place and this pursuit. Our own guys get a lot out of this Collective too every week- and it makes us so happy to see-we appreciate it immensely for them.

And our own Dads are the reason Lindsay and I are the kind of women we are today. We are both very close with them and they have inspired us as the friends, athletes, competitors, caretakers, business people, pied pipers and life livers that we’ve become. They pushed us, they rooted for us and taught us life lessons that we apply all the time. My dad is 72, he's a Southern wise owl/teddy bear mix but with laser focus and old world resilience. He literally has an idiom or choice phrase for every single thing in life- I basically grew up on every saying that exists.

Lindsay and I often trade stories of how our Dads live deliberately, with incredible work ethic, character, charm, steadfastness and softhearted grit.

It sounds like a lot of great people we know. :)

Happy Father’s Week- here's to living these days on purpose.