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goal getters

Posted by Lindsay

This week we GOT to host twenty-four campers at the barn- fun and adorable mini versions of their parents. These kids were ages 10-14, an even split of boys and girls with interests outside of the barn that ranged from golf to football to reading to dancing! They were all so different, yet so the same!

The first day they were quiet and reserved, but by day two they were working hard, high fiving often, dancing and singing along to a Drake song that I didn't even know! They were kind, engaged and encouraged each other in a way that was inspiring. By the end of the four days these kids from all different schools, grades and social circles were a team. They treated us, our guest speakers and each other in a way that made me truly excited about this generation. THEY are going to make the world a better place…I just know it!

The bonds that happen when you sweat with someone week after week is MAGIC! We have seen it happen over and over again since we opened the doors at the Beau Collective! Men and Women have come for a workout and left with teammates that truly have their backs. They may have totally different friends and interests outside the barn, but the shared commisery of the workout and the bonds that happens in the social room is enough to create true friendship! With all that can divide us, it is a joy to be involved everyday with something that is bringing people together and making them better!

We know that what we DO is teach workouts, but this community is just SO MUCH MORE than fitness and we can’t get enough!! Thank you collective andcampers… you inspire us and made us proud!!