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posted by lindsay

Cheers nailed it-sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name! The Social Room has become that for a lot of people, myself included. It's even been compared to a sushi restaurant; when you walk in...chances are that someone is yelling a big hello to you! It has taught us that above anything else, people want community. People want connection. People want to laugh. People don’t want to take it all SO seriously! When these connections happen at the barn, it makes everything that happens in the sweat room that much better and it is inspiring to watch.

In the summer of 2015, the Barn was taking shape in only 14 days, (if you have not heard that story ask us about it sometime) and the Social Room was in the plans. It was intended to be a space where people could gather before and after class, enjoy a complimentary kitchen, shop a little and catch up with friends. We knew people would love the Social Room, but we had no clue it would become the HEART of the Collective!! Hour after hour, we watch people come a little early and stay a little longer to just hang. It is our Cheers bar…we just sweat a little before brewing a cup of coffee, or cracking open a La Croix, beer or green drink. People come for the workouts, but they stay for the community!!

Whether you are part of the Beau Collective or not, focus on the connection you have with the people around you- because one thing we know for SURE is that we are all better together!

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