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Over the years the barn has grown into one gigantic framily! We have about 275 teammates and we LOVE that when we sit down and talk about our classes, we know a little or a lot about each and every person People ask us often if we truly know everyone’s name and the answer is ABSOLUTELY!!! We feel so lucky that with all the amazing options in Park City, this group chooses to spend some of their week with us…it makes us want to really know them all! As we all get to know each other, we have been asked some of the same questions over and over. Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions!

Do you just workout all day??

This answer is a very sad NO!!! During class we are so busy facilitating, DJing, clapping and checking form (YES we are ALWAYS watching to make sure you all are doing it correctly) that we don’t have time to get a workout. Although we spend our days at a workout facility, we are just like other working moms and wives trying to figure out when we can fit it in each day! The one thing that we know (and I know you know it too) is that if we move and get those endorphins pumping most days; we are happier, healthier and better in our lives!! On our BEST days-we workout at the barn, we love to be told what to do and be motivated by the people on our right and left. I get that same nervous feeling when I hear 75 calories on the Woodies and dread it just like everyone else! But I love that I do it because everyone around me is crushing it! However, on many of our days we are by ourselves working to find motivation. I do try to move MOST days…sometimes this is for 90 minutes, sometimes it is a quick 10 minute set in my living room!!

Do you have a super clean diet?

This is completely out of our scope of expertise, but I can tell you what we do. The answer to this is YESish! We believe in eating what makes our bodies feel good and not eating what makes our bodies feel bad! This leads to MOST of our food being fresh and healthy. HOWEVER, we both have foods that we love that are not completely “healthy”. Whit is a HUGE fan of chips and salsa and I LOVE a good fried potato! BUUUUUT… You will never see me rolling through a drive thru to pick up some fries. If I am going to eat a fried potato I am going to have what I view is the BEST in town. Ruth’s Chris for French fries, Park Meadows Country Club for sweet potato fries and Billy Blanco’s for tater tots. If I am having the best, I eat it guilt free and enjoy every bite!

Are you always this happy?

I would say that 98% of the time YES!! We have the same stress as everyone in life. We have kids, husbands, balance, finances and family. We do try to have a razor focus on what is truly important. We spend our days (I am talking about all of the people that make their way to the barn) with people that make us laugh and feel inspired! We have kids that we 1. LOVE to be with and 2. LOVE to NOT be with. We fully embrace both scenarios. Our husbands are our biggest fans and we cheerlead for them everyday! We surround ourselves with friends that are just plain AMAZING!! Most days we feel FULLFILLED!! That does not mean we do not have bad days, but for us we know right where to GEAU! The barn can make everyday feel a little bit better. Our lives are not perfect, but for us, they are pretty perfect!!

Thank you FRAMILY…We love that we love to get to KNEAU you!!