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like a boss.

posted by whit

"Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny"- ghandi

You're the boss- you're in charge of allllllllllll the stuff.

Kinda like this week at the Barn, I left a few drills up for grabs.

I gave out a few minutes of "free choice"… a station of "abs anyway you’d like"… and rolled out "pick your own ending" type of stuff. I always love doing this to see what people do when left to their own devices, with an invitation to do their own thing, pick their focus and kinda go all #boss like.

My FAVE though, was this week's Woodie Unlimited Sprint Series.

It lasted 8 minutes and was the finale to class; everyone had strength sets to do and the Woodies (treadmills) would just sit there until people CHOSE to walk up to ‘em to SPRINT their hearts out for 20 seconds at a time. They could do it as many times as they wanted, IF they wanted... this was completely optional. I kept the clock ticking and the music loud & I just had this feeling that if I left these incredible people in charge, they would put on a show and I was…totally right.

Not only did people jump up and run, they never stopped, they ran faster than ever and the Woodies were FULL of flying teammates the. entire. 8 minutes.

And the beautiful thing was-I never told anyone they had to do it- I merely just suggested it and they owned being the director of their sweaty investment for the final minutes of class.

I was so impressed (I really always am by everyone) and my hope was that we would take this run rally SPIRIT into life outside the gates that day- that we'd take on new levels of ownership of our daily activities and attitudes. Because after all, we really are the boss of how we engage and pour out effort both inside and outside of the Barn. Opportunities and obligations present themselves daily and we are really the only ones who can determine how to respond to both.

And those needed changes, appointments, pending projects, clean closets & junk drawers don’t do themselves. I can't tell you how many things I have in my life that roll right into procrastination town, or get sent to 60% completed valley, or just dangle in canteven-ville... but I have stared at them and wondered WHEN and WHO would make it better- only to realize, I was just waiting on ME.


Seriously tho, I've stood in my own way of the most simple and complex duties getting done sometimes...and this is has been a good reminder for me this week.

If you love the way things are going- focus on what it takes to keep them rolling.

If changes need to be made, step up, own it and love that it comes down to YOU and your efforts.

If thoughts really do turn into behaviors, might as well make them GOOD ONES.

Let’s be in charge this week and in good company of those perpetuating the good stuff, and let's rise up to not only roll with the good pats and the tough punches, but to run into them with gusto.