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posted by christa

Stay in there.

I never saw my mom work out. Not once. I have a faint memory of her watching a Pilates video in our 1980’s living room, but I don’t remember her actually doing the Pilates. The same goes for my dad. He worked part time as a college football referee, so I remember him running up and down the University of Houston and Rice University football fields, but that was it. He got in his weekly steps during one game each week – and that was only during football season.

It’s interesting that my parents encouraged my brother and I to be active, but they didn’t want it for themselves. I’ll never really know for sure what led to their inactive lifestyle…it could be the southern, stationary culture of Houston, Texas. It could be that it was never modeled to them by their own parents. Maybe they were content just the way they were. Maybe they didn’t think it was important and didn’t make it a priority.

I don’t know. My guess it was a combination of some or all of those things.

Despite the fact that high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes were diagnosed along the way, it was never enough to get them off the couch.

Please note: My parents were and still are incredible people, and they have gifts and talents that make them pretty stinkin’ great. Those just don’t include fitness. I can motivate a room of people to work out several times a week, but I can’t change my parents…and that’s ok. (It won’t prevent me from trying.)

I share all of this, not to bag on my parents, but to encourage you in your own fitness journey. I don’t know what’s keeping you away or what’s getting you to the Barn each week. But for those 200+ of you sweating with us day in and day out, I have a hunch.

You’re not just leaving a legacy for your kids (parents, you are, but that’s not the point). You’re not just checking a box because it’s what you do if you live in Park City. You’re not just coming for the coffee or the wine (it’s an added perk, for sure, but it’s not your primary focus). You don’t come for the playlist (well, maybe you do).

You come to move.

Yes, you know some or all of the physical and mental benefits of exercise and you want that. And you come because this is a group effort and you’re not alone. And you come because it’s a good workout (the best if you ask us) and the best environment. You come because…wait for it…

You love it.

It’s not easy, and it hurts, and it’s sweaty, and there are burpees.

But you love it.

And we are SEAU glad you do.

I want to encourage you to STAY IN THERE.

If you’ve ever come to one of my classes then you might have heard me yell, “Stay in there!” I don’t want you to let up when it gets hard. I’m usually belting this out toward the end of a circuit. I don’t want you to stop. In fact, I want you to push a little harder knowing that time is almost up.

We could apply this to so many things in life. In fact, I wish we did, myself included.

With heads down and determination, we stay in it right when we think we can’t any longer, right until the end.

Stay in there, friends.