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posted by lindsay

It is the start of Spring Break for all Park City students, which means a time to head to warmer, more tropical locations for Parkites that are tired of the cold, unpredictable weather!

Vacations are G R E A T- eat, drink, play, sleep with limited distractions. But often, there is the one big question that many find themselves pondering; TO WORKOUT OR NOT WORKOUT ON VACATION?

It may feel like a lot, but we KNOW that it is worth it! We have seen and believe that if you sweat a little in the morning everything will taste better, feel better, be better for the rest of the day!! The hard part becomes... what exactly should you do?? We at the Beau Collective have created a lot of workouts that can be done anywhere…find these workouts on our website at…just click the ON THE GEAU tab! ( The truth is that a little sweat goes a long way...a run, a walk, one of our gym workouts, or finding a great local class….truly whateves!!! Just SWEAT so that the rest of the day can be all yours!!