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posted by lindsay

INSPIRATION…where does it come from and how do we find it? Sometimes we go looking for inspiration in books, quotes or podcasts…but sometimes it just hits us when we are not expecting it! Feeling inspired is THE BEST!!! All you can see is potential and the motivation to do the hard work it will take is bubbling out of your pores!

When I am looking for inspiration, I feel so lucky that I do not need to look too hard. My “office” is so motivating, I am surrounded by some of the most bad ass people I know every day and this little mountain town never stops inspiring! Even with all those things, I find days where I just feel a little BLAH and I am just going through the motions. This winter has been filled with more BLAH days than I like to have. It has been a harder season for me than most, but sometimes we learn the most in harder times and truly amazing and inspiring people present themselves right when we need them!

My daughter is having a hard time at school right now. We parents know there is nothing more HEART BREAKING than watching your child struggle. It had me a little down and discouraged. BUT then something amazing happened… My BeauCo teacher friends started doing little things to help her and help me. People were stopping by to say hi to her during the day, double checking that she is receiving exactly what she needs to be successful, sending me texts about how she is doing and articles for me to read. That crew lifted Bryn and me up and made us both feel inspired that this too shall pass!! Totally unexpected, but just what I needed.

I was on a flight a few weeks ago and for the first time in a long time I listened to a How I Built This podcast (Whit and I are obsessed with these…you should be too!!) I listened to the lady that started Barre3. It was such a great story and left me feeling truly proud and inspired by all we currently do at the barn and all that this barn will become! Hearing someone else’s story helped me focus in a way that I had not felt in a while.

One day a while back, I did not feel like working out (this is RARE!!), but I went to class anyway and gave myself permission to dog it. Melissa Price sat down next to me on the ECHO and was absolutely crushing it. Before I knew it, I was so inspired and working so hard I felt a little nauseous…it was exactly what I needed and the rest of my day was better!! This inspiration happens constantly in the sweat room and I LOVE watching it. It also happens just as much or maybe even MORE in the social room. Those conversations over beers or coffee that leave you feeling happy and inspired. Some of my favorite conversations and some of the biggest barn decisions have happened right at that social table. In my world, there are few places more INSPIRING than that!!

The greatest gift we give ourselves is the desire and will to live an inspired life!! Go looking for it and don’t settle for anything less! Sometimes that means that when you are feeling BLAH you open yourself up to others to help and pick you up. It is not always easy, but always worth it! The world and barn are filled with people taking turns being the giver and taker of inspiration…. own and love both roles and just keep trying to live your best life!!