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running outta comfort zones


5 years ago this month my family moved to Park City. To say that I moved reluctantly is a HUGE understatement. I had a life in Colorado, not a great life, but a comfortable life. Chris had a bigger vison for our family-he KNEW that this change would be great for all of us…me, not so much! Marriage requires compromise, so I packed up our life with our 2-year-old and 4-year-old in tow and we moved! I would not promise to stay forever; 2 years was all I could give! I had big plans of where we would head next…it was probably NOT somewhere that it snowed half the year!

We moved on September 15th and the first snowfall that year was September 25th. This sent all neighbors with little kids inside until the first signs of Spring. I still stayed home with my kids and we were lost about WHAT to do all day EVERYDAY! For the first time and truly only real time in my life I found myself absolutely depressed! I was just sad and did not know how to get myself out of the hole I felt.

I turned to the one thing that has been a true consistent part of my life since I was a kid…exercise!! I started going to Power Hour with Whit three days a week. Even on days that I did not feel like getting out of my jammies- I would get up, get my kids dressed and out the door we would go. The kids would play, I would exercise and I started to meet people that I still consider some of my closest friends today. Next I signed up for the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon and the first Hotel Half in Park City. Everyday Chris would come home from work and I would lace up my tennis shoes and I would RUN. As I ran, I would work stuff out in my mind. I truly ran my thoughts from negative to positive- it was gradual, but little by little became a lot. Chris and I would show up for the Hotel Half training runs and we began to meet some really cool people. Looking back, I see now that I truly SWEAT myself FREE!!

Two years passed and Chris asked me where I wanted to go, I know he ONLY asked because he knew the answer! This cute little town had now become a community I LOVED and never wanted to leave. Not because I was comfortable, but because this town and people taught me that true happiness, purpose and joy exist for me right outside of my comfort zone. Would you believe 5 years later I am actually looking forward to winter!

I still find the same joy and sanity from exercise and the barn today. There is nothing like friends coming together to sweat, laugh and fill your days with camaraderie and community. Some days we take the energy, some days we give it but everyday we are in it together!