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just breathe


“WHIT!!! you have not taken a real breath since I’ve been with you today, did you know that?”

ME: "Nope."

A specialist caught me off guard last week when she asked me why/how/when my breathing went downhill. Turns out, I am a shallow breather- and when forced to breathe PROPERLY- I was shocked to note the difference. When days are spent breathing shallow, short, sharp breaths, you are likely keeping your body in the sympathetic system, and this signals STRESS to the body. We don't mean to do it- its just that days can just get pretty full and we forget to remember to just breathe.

This alone is one of the reasons why so many people can feel stressed out – shallow breathing makes their body react as if they they are.

A shift can be so simple, I mean... I b r e a t h e all the time, but I just haven’t been doing it to the best of my ability apparently.

She said try this:

4 count inhale/ 6 count exhale to start….

4 count inhale/ 6 count exhale

4 count inhale/ 6 count exhale

Gawwwwwd-so much better!

But that takes time, takes thought and takes something from easy involuntary, to focused front and center.

Its kind of that time of year though, isn't it? Time to get a new season, with new schedules -where the flip flop casual summer makes way for the fall focus.

Everything that was kind of on autopilot, is now up for schedules, carpools, appointments, deadlines and registrations. September, October & November just have a different ring to them than June, July and August- and that is okay and even....wait for it....exciting.

We're #fallset and ready to GEAU- and here are some reminders:

The workouts will continue to be intense- so breathe.

Life will keep delivering life-type moments-so breathe.

You'll get it all done and then sometimes you won't- so breathe

Little victories will share space with little disappointments- so breathe.

Whatever it is that ails you – whether it’s a worried mind, scattered days, a tough workout, jumbled to-do lists -know that just simply starting to breathe properly can have a profound effect on your daily experience.

So let's take a deep breath— clear the mind and cool the brain.

4x6….4x6… 4x6.. 4x6….and hang on- its about to be a wild & lovely ride.

Open up, expand, and lets make ourselves focused & available for the upcoming workouts, people, adventures, conversations, Park City views and fall moments that might just

take our breath away.