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I have a lot of favorite songs... and the Killer's, Read My Mind is on that list: and with this last 10 day stretch of county work, progress, meetings and pivots-I have been a little preoccupied. Lots of twists and turns and when I felt perplexed about it all-I found myself listening to music, watching interviews and detaching from my routine a little. Music has the ability to transport us. It takes us right back to something and modulates serotonin levels in the brain. I have had so much swirling in my head, that it was music all week that took me to the best places and mindsets.

✅Ryan Montbleu on Main Street Friday Night

✅Mumford & Sons backstage on Tuesday

and then...

✅there was this thing on Monday at 7Eleven.

I have at least 20 stories in my life where things I believed and thought about.. manifested or appeared right in front of me. Its like an intuition- a unique party trick I get to do with the universe. Its been happening since high school and literally why I might be such a proponent of believing in things in order to see them.

Backstory....I went down a digital rabbit hole on my phone and laptop on Saturday, listening and watching anything about Brandon Flowers, the lead singer of the Killers. WHO knows why- I sincerely don't, just whatever I read seemed so interesting. He seemed so committed and loyal to his craft, with a quiet confidence about his struggles and a love for what happens on stage. I made Stan listen to these interviews and made my kids listen to the Spotify playlists on repeat. Everyone in my household had heard probably enough about Brandon Flowers by the end of the weekend. But I loved the departure this created-I kinda craved the stories and my intuition started to kick in. Something was happening, I was getting a nudge of some sort.

Cut to Monday afternoon, the kids and I were pool bound, but I was a little draggy. We kept trying to load up and leave, but we didn't. I wanted to roll out in organized fashion, but I couldn’t. We finally got going, (The Killers playlist playing of course) and we stopped at 7Eleven to get gas and snacks. I helped my son get out of the car and as I looked up… six inches away from my eyes...I am not even kidding, was Brandon Flowers looking back at me.

He needed gas too and nothing could have been more surreal to me at this point of my week.

I said hello and told him how I don't always do this at gas stations, but I just wanted to say that I appreciated his impact. He was so caught off guard, but I kept talking and told him I’d been reading about his story and his wife and listening to interviews and songs all weekend. He smiled and said thank you and then drove away.

There’s a chance ...that this meant more to me than to him...🤗

Nonetheless, it’s something that made my week and while I could write about the end of summer, rower form, registration, or the upcoming Best Day Ever-I thought I’d just tell a story about intuition, music and believing always that the universe likes to play.

You’ll keep hearing great music at the Barn as we roll right into Session 20 and chances are some of the songs have fun meanings to us. Some have great lyrics that we hang on & some have good stories and a few just have an incredible beat. Have a favorite song you want to hear? Tell us! Have a fun story where music 🎶 made a difference, share it!

Let’s look and listen for the nudges ✨in Week 12 -here we GEAU!