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posted by lindsay

Mothers’ Day…maybe to some it is just another Sunday, but not to us at The Beau Collective! It is one of our very FAVORITE days of the year that we choose to celebrate all WEEK! The actual day at the barn is amazing. Our husbands take the reins and teach a HIIT style workout to 60+ moms and then play bartender until the last mom heads out to the rest of her day! This is ALWAYS so fun and hilarious and we love providing this for the moms, but the day is our favorite because of what the day represents!

This day is an opportunity for all moms to be CELEBRATED!! Celebrated for a job we all took on not really knowing what we were getting ourselves into. A day where we celebrate the hardest job we have. A job that brings us more joy AND more struggle than any other part of our lives. A day where we all get to look at each other and say, “good job moms! You have been juggling and hustling all year and you have earned a day to do WHATEVER you want!” For us, what we want to do is be around other moms; workout, day drink, laugh and probably talk about anything except being a mom! A day for us to refuel and then head back to our families ready to tackle the next 364 days until we get to do it all again!

My relationship with moms is one of the most important relationships in my life! From my own moms love, friendship, guidance and amazing example, to my mother in law, to my sister, to my friends, to my relationship with Whit! ALL the amazing moms in my life that inspire me daily, who make me laugh on the days where I don’t quite crush parenting and who will be so excited on days that I do! These moms that love my kids and that I truly adore their kids! These moms that I am on a shared journey with that make parenting so much more fun!

To all the moms out there…we see you, appreciate you, are so inspired by you! Know that you are doing an AMAZING job and even though on many days you doubt it, you are not messing up your kids! Enjoy YOUR day!!!