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Enthusiasm is contagious.

Emotion creates motion and people generally respond well when excitement & energy are felt somewhere. I mean, just ask yourself WHAT it is that makes you stand up when the WAVE starts at a sporting event…

This weekend we sponsored the START line to one of the biggest single day fundraisers for youth education in the country. And the best part- this event was started by a BeauCo framily member years ago and we enthusiastically supported them with whatever they needed and as time went on, we migrated to the Start Line podium (and we kinda hope to be at this post for, I don’t know, like forever.)

Our job was to be a spark plug of energy, motivation and good cheer for the runners and specatators and we literally made people's hands clap all morning. If we are known for one thing, we sincerely hope its the amount of support we like to pour on the community and the youth of Park City. This session we were found all over town with all ages, excited to make an impact of fitness inspiration and I know we’ll never stop.

We run a Collective-we balance pursuits and personalities daily. We may not be the most technical and literal fitness instructors, but we sure do have a ton of enthusiasm for our craft and our people. We strive to be an energy source hourly- everyone shows up to the Barn to either push others or to be pushed, and we encourage and celebrate both.

Each day our brains are executing workout drill timing, our hearts are crafting a hospitable and engaging atmosphere and our hands… well, they just clap all the time- they just do.

We like to think of that enthusiasm as a little souvenir of showing up… you can take it with you and spread it anywhere you’d like when you go. #rippleeffects

This week- make it a point as a Beauco member, or a blog reader to pass on some claps for something important in your world, or someone else’s. Get excited, root for someone, cheer on a cause or defend a position, show up just because it feels fun to stand up and be a part of something.

We rise by lifting others and that kind of work is the sweat equity that matters to us most.