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let's go all in


Whatta week-we threw 27 fitness parties starting last Monday at 6am. We were missing our key captain, but we rallied the best way we know how-our people stepped up and helped everyone to GEAU all in.

People showed up, solar powered team players made it all happen while we Lindsay and I were both traveling & then it just kept jamming in week 8 fashion.

The Barn saw 44 of a lawwwwwt of exercises, happy hours kept growing, burpee battles ensued, classes cleared 800 reps with authority, a sugar detox kicked off, new retail deliveries kept arriving, a spontaneous half marathon rolled and we were again asked the always compelling question about future growth.

The BeauCo is absolutely growing #yougrowgirl, but more figuratively than ever-people are becoming a part of something bigger than themselves. The weekly little victories and any defeats are shared stuff now. We go all in, you go all in...we've got your back and you've got ours-that's the deal day after day and that's the good stuff right there. The bare minimum is ALWAYS an option- we just don't really ever see it around here.

We're entering the last quarter of Session 14 and summer is looking good. Awesome stuff is on the horizon-and we are back at it and ready to roll.

So let's go all in this week, show up for something or someone, be there, focus, contribute, commit, dare to mix it up and see what comes out of it.