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EFF-ING up 40

posted by whit


I am 6+ months into my 40th year, Lindsay has about 4 months to go and in-between we are seeing the significance of the number 40 on multiple fronts.

Back in October, I did all the classes on my birthday and after each one, I mentioned that someone asked me what my GOALS were when I turned 40... when I really gave it some thought, I realized that my GOAL was to EFF up FORTY...

To FINE TUNE my FOCUS and to see that my FAMILY, FRIENDS, FITNESS and FAITH FILL my cup. And to FIND the FORMULA of blending it all together with what is FUN and FUNNY- that would make this decade FEEL like a win.

And now 6 months in, I gotta say, that goal is like a mental mantra in my mind.

But be assured, this layout of priorities isn't limited to just birthday kickoffs. New decades aren't necessary for new shifts- just simply the will on any day. So whether you just mix things up differently this week -or EFF UP THE WHOLE THANG-grasp some words, quips, slogans or theme songs to help you clearly express your GOAL & how you plan on getting there. At this point, it's not about where you've been- its about where you're going. Not who you are, but how you are growing. #progressiseverything

There's a lot going on these days- lots of exciting and inspiring things- we are getting our shift together and while not all amazing words start with the letter F ...a lot of them sure do.


This might be a FAVORITE kind of year yet.